Hey, I'm Marissa. ^.^

I speak Dutch and English. If you need a subber, you can always send me a PM. :3 

thumbs up.gif

Currently working on (Dutch):

- Squad 38  (co-moderator & editor) - Recruiting QC's only! 
- Six Flying Dragons  (subber & editor)
- The Moon Embracing The Sun  (subber & editor)
- The Love Song  (subber)
- Shan Shan Comes to Eat  (subber & editor)

Upcoming projects (Dutch): 

- Entourage  Oct ???
- Jade Lover  25/08/16 - ???
- The Innocent Man  (on hold till team is completed)

Finished projects (Dutch):

- Eating Existence  (editor)
- Innocent Lilies  (editor)
- Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim  (co-moderator & editor)

MDL -> http://mydramalist.com/dramalist/Inspector 



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