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  • Five Enough

    Five Enough

    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 43
    Updated about 2 months ago
  • Happy Once Again

    Happy Once Again

    EN 97% Korea
    Episode 13
    Updated 6 months ago
  • Page Turner

    Page Turner

    EN 100% Korea
    Teaser 3
    Updated 7 months ago

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  • Reviews - Perfect Wife


    My favorite currently airing K drama, I had lost hope in finding a K drama that makes me come back for more, Ms. Perfect is it. It's perfection, it's fun, not a moment of boredom and lots of twists and mystery. I love the two main actresses they are doing an awesome job.

  • Reviews - All about My Mom


    11 years watching dramas this is the best family drama I have ever seen, the parent kids relationship is so realistic and feels so familiar, the daughter mother relationship I can relate to it all. The acting is this drama's strongest point. Actress Go Doo Shim is one of the best actresses I have ever seen portraying mothers role so good that I don't see her as an actress but a mother a true one. I'm not someone who would shed a tear for a drama or movie but I am for this one, even the ost broke my heart (ost part 5). Definitely recommend it.