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  • Reviews - Goong


    It's a classic and I did enjoy this drama but I didn't care for Yoon Eun Hye's character very much, she was made to be a bit slow and stupid and her acting was a bit over the top in some scenes that it looked awkward and forced. Some parts were dragging too and in some you were kept hanging as to what happened next. I must admit Joo Ji Hoon is a cutie though! 😁

  • Reviews - Page Turner


    Wow, bravo!!! 👏 Such a wonderful short drama series, I highly recommend this, the story is quite compelling and though it's short, you will still feel like you've watched a 16 episode drama. Kudos to all the actors who played their characters so brilliantly. 👍💖

  • marsie_vill_791


    I soooo loved the characters and the story! The premise of this drama is very timely and current where bullying is such a major issue amongst teens and adults alike but more prevalent with high school students. The lead cast were all good actors where you can feel their emotions. I liked the comic, love story, suspense twist, the only downside is the ending... though it's still good, it's not what i expected it to be. A highly recommended drama if you like teen romance 😍👍💕


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