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NSSA (Ninja Segging & Subbing Academy)


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I Need Romance 2 ♦ When A Man Loves  ♦ Panda and Hedgehog  ♦ Rent a Girlfriend  ♦ Arang and The Magistrate  ♦ Five Fingers  ♦ North and South  ♦ Wives and Daughters  GoodBye Mr Black  ♦ Daebak  ♦ Ms Temper and Nam Jung Gi  Cheese In The Trap  ♦ Oh My Ghostess  ♦ Oh Hae Young Again  ♦ Flower In Prison    When A Snail Falls In Love  ♦ Jin  ♦  Jin Final  ♦ Stay With Me  ♦   Chicago TypeWriter  ♦ Scarlet Heart 2  ♦ New Trial   Thank you Men With Swords♦ Men With Swords 2 

Modératrice Fr Wives and Daughters Thank you 
Éditrice Fr Ms Temper and Nam Jung Gi  ♦ Thank you 
Segments Hwarang  ♦ Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung Kum The Fatal Mission



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