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Languages: Spanish, English, German, Portuguese and Italian. Right now I'm learning korean too.

Sunbae/Mentor: Eun_Sun_Lee_2



Finished Currently working on...

Degree of Love (Korea) - Subtitler

Fatal Mission (China) - Subtitler

I Can not hug you (China) - Subtitler

I'm not a robot (Korea) - Subtitler

Rebel Detectives (Korea) - Subtitler

Untouchable (Korea) - Subtitler

Amor secreto (Venezuela)  - Subber

Mother (Korea)

The Fox's summer season 2 (China)

Die Now (China)

My Huckleberry friends (China)

Death Notify: The Darker (China)

A love so beautiful (China)

April Star (China)

Mr. Right (China)

Delicious destiny (China)

WIne Beauty (China)

The four scholars (China)

Fighther of the destiny (China)

The Death Notice: Darker 2 (China)

Face off (China)

Love momories (China)

Never Gone (China)

Todo sobre Corea del Sur (Korea)

Whitneybey (Korea)

Iron Ladies (Taiwan)

My dear boy (Taiwan)

A Seven Faced Man (China)

See You In Time (Taiwan)

109 strange things (Korea)

Untouchable Lovers (China)

Hot Girl (China)

Descode (China)

Switch (Korea)

Healing Master (China)

Drunk to Love You (Taiwan)