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Gloria done!
Haru done!
Queen not getting off work done!
Proposal daisakusen
Dosirak done!
Stay-at-home mom Kim Kwang Ja's third gathering
A secret scandal done!
Jumunjin done!
Why did you come to my house? done!
Natsu no Koi done!
Heaven's postman done!
Endless love done!
Juui Dolittle done!
Nagareboshi (Shooting star) done!
Sweet Room
Pride & Prejudice
Finding Mr. Destiny
Psychic done!
Mary Stayed Out All Night done!
Secret Garden done!
Playful Kiss Youtube Special Edition done!
Cyrano Agency
Late Autumn

Pianist done!
Dream High done!
My princess done!
My sweet fat Valentina
Love, in between
Petty romance
Once Upon a Time in Saeng Cho-ri done!
Love at Seventh Sight done!
Paradise Ranch done!
Rebound done!
49 days done!
Love you a 10000 years
A love to kill

Sunny Happiness done!
Manny done!
My Black Minidress
Asuko March! done!
The Greatest Love done!
City Hunter done!
Brilliant Legacy
Miss Ripley done!
I Need Romance (on hold)
La quotidienne
Ikemen Desu Ne done!
Beautiful Spy done!
Special Force
WGM: Campus couple
Killer K

Man of Honour
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Currently watching:
Q10, Rock Rock Rock, Pride, A Love to Kill, The Princess' Man, Can't Lose, Kaisefu no Mita, 11 Nin mo Iru!, Shinya Shokudo, Papa wa Idol, Mou Ichido Kimi, Shut up! Flower Boy Band, Saikou no rikon, Otome-san.

Completed dramas (* = recommended):
Attic cat*, Coffee Prince*, Goong*, Oh! My lady*, My girl*, Hana Kimi E (Japan)*, 1% of anything, Bad couple*, Delightful girl Choon Hyang, My lovely Sam Soon*, Personal taste*, Soulmate*, Only you, Sweet 18*, You are beautiful*, Tree of heaven, Hello! Miss*, Stars Echo, Wonderful life, Cloud stairs*, Mackerel run, Hanoi Bride, She's 19*, My boss my hero, Absolute boyfriend*, Hotaru no hikari*, Hotaru no hikari 2*, Nobuta wo produce*, Our slightly risque relationship, Proposal Daisakusen*, Hana yori dango*, Hana yori dango 2*, Dosirak, Stay-at-home mom Kim Kwang Ja's third gathering*, Boys Before Flowers*, Spring story, Kimi ga Kureta Natsu, Haru, Stand up!, We Teach Love*, Detective Conan, Natsu no Koi wa nijiiro ni kagayaku*, That Love Comes, Majo no Jouken*, Bara no Nai Hanaya, Endless Love, Kimi wa Petto*, Playful Kiss, News no onna*, Great Kye Choon-Bin, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Queen Not Getting Off Work, Spring Waltz, Nagareboshi*, Juui Dolittle, Secret Garden*, My princess*, Prosecutor Princess*, Dream High*, Ohitorisama*, First Kiss*, Paradise Ranch, Once upon a time in Saeng-Chori*, My girlfriend is a gumiho*, Taisetsu na koto, My girl (Asahi), Boku Dake no Madonna*, 49 days*, Brilliant Legacy, Full House*, Manny, The Greatest Love*, Lie to me, Atashinchi no Danshi, Asuko March!*, Rebound, Baby Faced Beauty, Romance Town, City Hunter*, Miss Ripley, Sunao ni Narenakute*, Last friends*, Heartstrings, I Need Romance*, Scent of a Woman*, Spy Myung Wol, Zenkai Girl*, Ikemen Desu Ne*, Soredemo*, Poseidon, Protect the Boss*, Don Quixote, Watashi ga Shadow*, Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu*, Boku to Star no 99 Nichi*, Kingyo Club*, Padam Padam, Hungry*, What's Up, Hayami-san*, Sore wa Totsuzen, Kamisama Mou Sukoshi, Rooftop Prince*, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Nodame Cantabile*,Gokusen*, Switch Girl*, Rich Man Poor Woman*, Sungkyunkwan Scandal*, Switch Girl 2, Orange Days*, Share House no Koibito*, Mayonaka no Panya-san*, Summer Nude, Kyokuhoku Rhapsody.

My Favourite Dramas:
Absolute Boyfriend

Majo no Jouken
Kimi wa Petto
You Are Beautiful
Coffee Prince
My Girl
Hotaru no hikari
Hana Kimi E
My lovely Sam Soon
Personal Taste
Prosecutor Princess
Once upon a time in Saeng Cho-ri
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Boku Dake no Madonna
49 days
Full House
The Greatest Love
City Hunter
Zenkai Girl

Dramas not finished (and without plans to finish):
He Who Can't Marry, Binbo Danshi, Gloria, Unubore deka, Yamato Nadeshiko, Antique, Creating Destiny, Otomen, Ouran High School Host Club, Tempest, Saikou no Jinsei, Full House 2, Dr. Jin, Missing you.

Asian movies seen so far:
Taiyou no uta, A Secret Scandal, First Kss, Why Did You Come To My House, Too Beautiful To Lie, Jumunjin, Cyborg girl, Kimi ni shika kikoenai, Nana, Shindo, Nada sou sou, Tokyo boy, Virgin Snow, Attack on Pin-up Boys, Tada kimi wo aishiteru, Romantic iIland, Speedy Scandal, Naked kitchen, Sex is zero, Seducing Mr. Perfect, Two faces of my girlfriend, Fly High, Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si, Heartbreak Library, Almost Love, Going crazy waiting, Crazy First Love, Secret to her, In the realm of the senses, Silom Soi 2, Dolls, In the mood for love, 2046, Yuuki, Koizora, Boku wa imouto ni koi, No regret, Happy together, 5 Days in Saigon, Nobody Knows, My sassy girl, Clannad, Crows Zero, House of flying Daggers, 100 days with Mr arrogant, Someone special, I'll give my first love to you, Woman on the beach, Breath, Hello Schoolgirl, Boys love 2, Sky Crawlers, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the sky, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Tales from Earthsea, Getting any, Kid's return, Woman is the future of man, Yellow Handkerchief of Happiness, The road Home, Fighter in the wind, Hero, Tae Guk Ki, Baby and me, Fly Daddy fly, Humming, My boyfriend is type B, He was cool, Windstruck, Secret Sunshine, In my life, Crouching tiger hidden dragon, Bangkok love story, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, Ang lalake sa parola, Inugami, Hear me, A millionaire's first love, Hana Yori Dango, Happy Flight, Kill me, The King and The Clown, Heaven's Postman, Solanin, Love is blind (Mind & love), Surprise Party, Lovely complex, Changing Partners, My Girl and I, Sophie's Revenge, Lost & Found, Oishii man, My darling is a foreigner, The Beast & The Beauty, Blue Gate Crossing, Secret, The Worst Guy ever, 200 pounds beauty, Ai Wa Mieru, The most distant course, My rainy days, Bisang, Waiting in the dark, A Good Rain Knows When to Come, Oh Happy Day, Daisy, How to Keep My Love, The Temptation of the Wolves, Everybody Has Secrets, S Diary, My Tutor Friend, A Good Day To Have An Affair, Crying Out Love, She's On Duty, My Wife is 18, 26 Years Diary, My Little Bride, Beautiful, Gangster High, Unstoppable Marriage, Sexy Teacher, Futari: The Two of Us, Drunk on Women and Poetry, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring, Now & forever, Akibiyori, My neighbour Totoro, Poetry, Perfect Blue, Wedding dress, I can hear the sea, Love at Seventh Sight, Psychic, Love you 10000 years, Memories of a Murder, Just friends?, Hello my love, Itsuka no Kimi E, The Cat Returns, Romeo & Juliet (Tackey), Acoustic, Jenny Juno, Villain, Late Blossom, Peak the rescuers, Finding Mr. Destiny, Confession of a Murderer, The Horror Live, How to Use Guys with Secret Tips. Plan Man, Fly Dakota Fly!, Tamako in Moratorium, Hospitalité, Like Father Like Son, A Story of Yonosuke, Casting Blossoms in the Sky, Momoiro Sora o, My Father, The Fatal Encounter, Late Autumn, Guns and Talk, Sunny, The Kirishima Thing, Hello Ghost, Humming,

Favourite movies:
Tae Guk Ki, No regret, Too beautiful to lie, Cyborg Girl, Taiyou no uta, Nana, Koizora, Tada kimi wo aishiteru, Kimi ni shika kikoenai, Yuuki, Seducing Mr. Perfect, I'll give my first love to you, Nobody Knows, Windstruck, Someone special, Princess Mononoke, Spirited away, Howl's Moving castle, Castle in the sky, Heaven's Postman, My girl and I, Lost & Found, Sophie's revenge, My darling is a foreigner, 5 days in Saigon, Virgin snow, Speedy scandal, A Good Rain Knows When To Come, Oh Happy Day, Daisy, The Temptation of the Wolves, S Diary, My Tutor Friend, She's On Duty, My Little Bride, Wedding dress, Confession of a Murderer, Fly Dakota Fly, Hospitalité, A Story of Yonosuke, Sunny.
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