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  • The Greatest Love

    The Greatest Love

    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 15
    Updated about 1 hour ago
  • City Hunter

    City Hunter

    EN 99% Korea
    Episode 20
    Updated 5 months ago
  • Dream High

    Dream High

    EN 99% Korea
    Episode 17: Speci...
    Updated 6 months ago

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  • minhato


    Sadly I'm dropping this one. The story is interesting, yet the characters are too flat for my taste. It had great potential, specially with such a main female and plot but after 4 episodes there's nothing special to make me feel attached to the story.

  • minhato


    One of my favourite dramas of this year. Enough said. After 10 years in dramaland it's not easy to impress me but this drama did. It's not perfect (especially last 2 episodes) but totally worth it.

  • Reviews - Tomorrow With You


    I tried to like it and in the beginning I did but after watching first 5 episodes or so, I decided I didn't want to keep watching. I love the actors in it, but the story felt a bit flat and too unoriginal for someone like me who has watched Kdrama for more than 8 years. It was disappointing.