Hey! Hello, I'm Bea and I'm Italian. I love drama and kpop.

My first drama was 'Secret Garden' and it's my favourite drama. But I also love Master's Sun (I watched it 15 times) and Someone like you (I'm a subber of this drama).

My favourite groups are: T-ARA, BIGBANG, GOT7.

I finally graduated in Korean, Chinese and English!

Drama as Italian Moderator&Subber:

        Someone Like You - Done                                              The Crossing Hero - Done                             Think Before You Marry - Done               Behind The White Tower - Done

      Warrior Baek Dong Soo - Done                  Love Or Spend - Subtitling (Long Hiatus)                        To Me Love - Done                        The Legend of Qin - Subtitling (Long Hiatus)                          

                Back To 1989 - Done                                   The Great Queen Seondeok - Incoming Subtitles             Five Children - Done                                               Quen Insoo - Done


             Ghost House - Done                                                      To Get Her -  Done                The Golden Age of Leftover Ladies - Done                       The Fatal Mission - Subtitling


 When a Snail Falls in Love - Done                        Behind Your Smile - Done                                    Cupid Factory - Done                                                 Dream High - Done 


The Eternal Love - Done

Drama as Subber:

- Beethoven Virus (Korean Drama)

- Endless Love (Korean Drama)

- Gunman In Joseon (Korean Drama)

- White Christmas (Korean Drama)

- The Flatterer (Korean Drama)

- K-Pop Star 4 (Korean Show)

- Back In Time: Long Time No See (Chinese Drama)

- The Servant (Korean Movie)

- Romance Blue (Korean Webdrama)

- Love Strikes (Japanese Movie)

- Marriage Contract (Korean Drama)

- Reply 1988 (Korean Drama)

-  Spellbound (Korean Drama)

- Tornado Girl 2 (Chinese Drama)

- Doctors (Korean Drama)

- Ice Fantasy (Chinese Drama)

- Love at Seventeen (Taiwanese Drama)

- Swimming Battle (Taiwanese Drama)

- Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho (Korean Drama)

- Love By Design (Taiwanese Drama)

- Don't Dare To Dream (Korean Drama)

- An Innocent Mistake (Taiwanese Drama)

- My Beautiful Bride (Korean Drama)

- The Legend of The Blue Sea (Korean Drama)

- Gogh, The Starry Night (Korean Drama)

- Oh my Geum Bi (Korean Drama)

- Naked Fireman (Korean Drama)

- Goblin (Korean Drama)

- One Fine Day (Korean Drama)

- The Starry Night, The Starry Sea (Chinese Drama)

- Voice (Korean Drama)

- Mystery Queen (Korean Drama)

- Sister is Alive (Korean Drama)

- Fight My Way (Korean Drama)

- Because This Is My First Live (Korean Drama)

- Into the New World Again (Korean Drama)

- Untouchable (Korean Drama)

- The Starry Night, The Starry Sea Season 2 (Chinese Drama)



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