Big fan of costume drama, historical fiction, politics, documentary and martial art series or movies! But, will sub and edit any interesting projects come my way. Any Shawn Dou or Eddie Peng's projects are also welcome with open arms  ^_^v

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~ Current project ~


Ever Night (Subber)








Twelve Nights (Mod-Sub)         An Oriental Oddyssey (Sub)   Mama Fairy & The Woodcutter (Subber)                                      











~Previous project~


Ruyi Royal Love (Subber)


Let's Eat 3 (Subber)                  Lovely Horribly (Mod-Sub)          Legend of Fuyao (Subber/Editor)





Mistress (Subber/Editor)            Oh My General (Subber)              The Legendary Tycooon (Mod)     Switch (Subber)



Mother (Indo Mod)                      Iron Ladies (Subber)                               Father is Strange (Subber)       The Last Woman Standing (Sub)



The King's Woman (Indo Moderator)                                                Nirvana in Fire 2 (Subber)      The Outlaws (Indo Moderator)











Princess Agents (Subber)                      Assembly (Subber)



The Last Revenge (Moderator)         One More Happy Ending (Subber)                Doctors (Subber)













Rhinos (Subber)                              Sound of The Desert (Subber+editor)   Strongest Chil Woo (Subber)