Hi my chingus~! I'm Monih~ A girI who loves Korea and more specifically k-dramas. That's the reason why I am here!! LOL :) I used to only watch them until I decided to help subtitling them too and I discovered that this is a GREAT and a amazing experience!! I'm so happy to be here as part of this team...VIKI!!

This was the last pic I shared on viki before taking a break to concentrate on my studies. It was the most awaited drama for me because Shin Hye and Min Ho were my favorite ones by that time...now I have some other faves, but they are also, of course, in a special place of my heart as still first faves :)


"When a Man Loves" ^_^ :)


I was so into LOVE RAIN when the idea of being a subber came to me: "Why not becoming a Viki-Subber?" That idea became more interesting when Nanami~Eonni started to send us PMs to all of the LoveRain's followers. She was inviting new people to join into the TEAM!!...But on those days, I couldn't send my PM on time to her...so, I lost that GREAT oportunity!!


Anyway, since that day, I gained a new super friend...My Nana~Eonni, who is my moderator right now in different projects, and I feel so privileged to work with her!! She's such a nice person!!!

The first drama which I contributed by subbing was "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" I just wanted to translate my IlWoo Oppa's words... For that reason I decided to contribute on it. I really loved the drama and when I subtitled It was the second time I watched it. On this drama I met my friend yolswels091, she is who taught me how to put the subs into the episodes here in Viki. I'm so much thankful to her for her patience and for encouraging me to do a good work. Thank You Eonnie!! ^_^