I started watching Kdrama a few years ago with "The Greatest Love" and fell in love with it. Then I found "Yi San" and learned a lot about Korean history. I also found Viki to be a great site with a fantastic app to watch on mobile devices.

After I watched a few Tdramas such as "Summer Desires" and "Office Girls", I realized I could help. I'm originally from Taiwan and am living in the USA now. I believe that I can contribute well because I am very bilingual and bicultural between Chinese and English. I strive to produce high-quality translations that hit just the right note between the formal and informal, modern and traditional, complex and simple, so that viewers can understand and enjoy the show well.

My first project on Viki was translating and editing for "In Between". It's a 2012 Taiwanese drama and was quite a hit. The two leads had been support actors in other shows and this was apparently their first show as leads. You can find the female lead in "Office Girls" where she played the supermodel. I haven't seen the male lead before, but he's quite cute. The story is very fresh and has many surprises while keeping a rom-com beat. I got so hooked that I translated thousands of lines within a week and was fast-tracked to QC status.

April 2013 - I am now editing "Princess Stand In." This is a one of the top shows that VIki is promoting and we already have over a thousand followers in a short time. However, due to a large group of subbers, the initial translations may suffer from inconsistent quality. Therefore, my primary objective is to help make this show really stand out with professional quality, consistency and polish.

As of late 2013, I've been busy with my job and am only taking on translation projects when I can commit.

I am glad that I can help people enjoy Chinese-language dramas. I have found that I am particularly adept at weaving and improving the disparate translations from different subbers into a consistent level of quality with appropriate language for the drama's era and setting.



The King's Woman (2017 - Subber)

Someone Like You (English Editor)

Love Myself Or You (English Editor)

Deja Vu (English Editor)

Le Jun Kai (Editor and English Moderator)

Dragon Gate (English Moderator)

Hello Gorgeous (English Editor)

Princess Stand In (Editor and English Moderator)

In Between (Translator and Editor)