Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei-Completed

UnrulyQiao (Royal Johnson Medical/Physician )-Completed

Koutetsu Sangokushi-Completed

The Glamorous Imperial Concubine-Completed


The Homeless Student-Completed

Thank You-Completed

Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang-Completed

I Miss You 200%-Completed

La Lingerie-Completed

Early Marriage Effect-Completed 

A Great Way to Care I-Completed

Who's the One-Completed

Down with Love-Completed

The Little Fairy-Completed

Miss Rose-Completed

Summer's Desire-Completed

Love or Bread-Completed

To Get Her-Completed

Invincible Lee Pyung Kang-Completed

In Time With You-Completed

Office Girls-Completed

Legend of the Ancient Sword-completed


P.O.V.- A Cursed Film (Moderator)

Fly with the Gold (Moderator)

The Vulture (Moderator)

Great Expectations-Completed (Moderator)

Seong Chun Yang-Completed (Moderator)

Four Brothers of Peking  (Spa Mod)

Good Morning Shanghai  (Spa Mod)

Love Amongst War (Spa Mod)

Legend of the Ancient Sword-Completed (Spa Mod)

An Innocent Mistake-Completed (Spa Mod)

Suo Meng Lou (Spa Mod)

A Dream of Red Mansions (Eng Mod)

We Love You, Mr. Jin (Moderator)

Sun After the Rain (Moderator)

Love & Life & Lie-Completed (Spa Mod)

Singing All Along-Completed (Spa Mod)

Empresses in the Palace-Completed (Moderator)

Warm Love and War of Male-Completed (Moderator)

The Tiger Blade-Completed (Spa Mod)

Chinese Paladin 5 - Clouds of the World-Completed  (Moderator)

Xuan Yuan Sword - Rift of the Sky (Moderator)

My Mom and My Mother in Law-Completed (Eng Mod)

Other Half of Me  (Spa Mod)

I Miss You 200%-Completed (Spa Mod)

Love Bird  (Moderator)

Secret love (Moderator)

Express Boy (Moderator)

Early Marriage Effect-Completed (Spa Mod)

Pashmina Aisha (Spa Mod)

Moonlight Resonance (Spa Mod)

The Clue Collector (Spa Mod)

Majisuka Gakuen 4-Completed (Spa Mod)

Boysitter (Spa Mod)

The Endless Love (Moderator)

Days for Amanda-Completed (Spa Mod)

To the Dearest Intruder-Completed (Spa Mod)

Mr. Righ Wanted (Spa Mod)

World Without Comma (Spa Mod)

Boys Over Flowers-Completed (Moderator)

Definitely Neighbors-Completed (Moderator)

Devilish Joy (Moderator)

109 Strange Things-completed (Moderator)

Smashing on Your Back (Moderator)

MOZU Season 1 - Night Cry of the MOZU (Spa Mod)

You're My Vampire (Moderator)

Sweet Sixteen-Completed (Moderator)

MOZU Season 2 - Phantom Wings (Spa Mod)

Housewife Detective (Moderator)

Dragon Day, You're Dead (Spa Mod)

The Legends of Monkey King (Spa Mod)

The Ex-Man-Completed (Moderator) 

Plant Goddess (Moderator)

My Little Boys-Completed (Moderator) 




Broken Promise-Completed

Never Give Up, Dodo-Completed

Just You-Completed

Wild Cat-Completed

The Legend of Zhen Huan-Completed

The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber-2003-Completed

Dandelion Love-Completed

Love Forward-Completed

I'm Pregnant With Your Baby-Completed

Ti Amo Chocolate-Completed

Painted Skin II-Completed

Love Stories From Fukuoka-Completed

The Happy Times of That Year - Completed

100 % Senorita - Completed

Who Knows the Female of the Women-Completed

Sunshine Ahead-Completed

Gakudori Young Drifters-Completed

Loving Never Forgetting-Completed

Dr. Professor's Thesis of Evil-Completed

Mr. Right Wanted-Completed


True Love Next Door Season 2

No Dropping Out: Back to School at 35-completed

I'm Mita, Your Housekeeper-completed

Nirvana in Fire- Lang Ya Bang-Completed 

Metro of Love-Completed

Express Boy

I Am Reiko Shiratori! - Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu!-Completed

I Am Reiko Shiratori! The Movie - Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu! The Movie-Completed

Hakuouki SSL: Sweet School Life-Completed

You’re My Pet - Kimi Wa Petto-Completed

Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food

Jelly Fish Love

My Huckleberry Friends-Completed

109 Strange Things-Completed

The Flames Daughter-Completed 

The Destiny of White Snake

The Taoism Grandmaster

Best Arrangement


Buddies in India-Completed 


Summer Days; Yeo-reum

Secret Society of Men - Friends


Queen Dugu

Miss Hammurabi

Snow Is on the Sea-Completed

Unusual Men and Women 2017

Man Who Dies to Live

Aging Boy

When We Were Young 

Next Time, Together Forever

My Last Love-completed 

Basketball Fever

The Witness-Completed 

Chubby Revolution-Completed 

Bravely Falling in Love with You

Graduation Season

Legend of Fuyao-Completed 

Xuan - Yuan Sword Legend: The Clouds of Han

Weapon & Soul

Mr. Sunshine


Super Rookie

Single Ladies Senior-Completed

Siege of Fog-Completed

Meteor Garden (2018)

Ashes of Love-Completed

Hai Tang's Rouge Shines Through in the Rain

The King's Avatar

Three Lives, Three Worlds,Three Miles of Peach Blossoms 2


Clean with Passion for Now


Successor plan

All the Love in the World

Behind the Scenes

What She Put On the Table

Once Given, Never Forgotten


About Time-Completed

Here To Heart-Completed 

Mr. Right

The King of Blaze - on air

The Legend of Zu 2

The Four Men

Entrepreneurial Age


Yesterday Once More

Dearest You

My Robot Boyfriend

Beauty Dream

Sweet Combat-Completed  

Unexpected Heroes-Completed 

The Undatables-Completed 

Memories of the Alhambra

100 Days of Husband


Noble Bride - Regretless Love

My Classmate from Far Away

The Idol Master

Sand Sea - coming soon

Absolute Boyfriend

Are You Human Too

The Love Knot: His Excellency's First Love-Completed

All Out of Love-Completed

HIStory 1-Completed 

Plant Goddess

See You Again


The Longest Day In Changan

Cry Me A Sad River

The Evolution of Our Love-Completed 

Sweet Dreams-Completed

Unknown Lovers

Women In Beijing

Death Song

Our Glamorous Time-Comleted 

The Way We Were-Completed

Fights Break Sphere-Completed 

Hello Dear Ancestors - coming soon

My Story For You

Legend of Yun Xi

Beautiful Reborn Flower

The love Book


The Wolf

Secrets of Three Kingdoms-Completed

Cinderella Chef-Completed

Women in Shanghai

Love and TT-Completed

HIStory 2-Completed 

My Poseidon - coming soon

New York

Meet me @ 1006

Coffee, Do Me a Favor - on air

Irreplaceable Love

Woman of Dignity



Secret Forest

Orange Street Favorite Boys

Martial Universe-Completed

Go Go Squid!

My Girlfriend

Princess Silver

Bloody Romance-Completed

Terius Behind Me

Take My Brother Away

The Life Planner

Mama Fairy And The Woodcutter - on air

Asadal Chronicle

The Fated General

Long For you 2

Qualified for the Next Round, The First Love

Novoland: Eagle Flag

The Player-Completed 

Ever Night - on air

The Smile Has Left Your Eye-Completed 

Goodbye My Princess

Science & Sensibility-Completed

Granting you a Dreamlike Life-Completed

Suddenly This Summer-Completed 

Story of Yanxi Palace-Completed

The Golden Eyes - coming soon

Caution Hazardous Wife-Completed.

Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisugawa-Completed

May I Blackmail You? - coming soon

Never Gone

Another Me

When We Were Young

A Sharply Graceful Girl - coming soon

Wedding Bells for the Otaku - coming soon



 Painter of the Wind-Completed 

Great Expectation-Completed   

Seong Chun Hyang-Completed

Symphony of Fate-Completed

Perfect Couple - on air

The Four-Completed

Lady Maid Maid

Perfect Girl-Completed

La Lingerie-Completed





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