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    Are the characters frustrating? Yes. Is it overly dramatic? Yes. Is it realistic? Not at all. Is it any good? Heck yes!! The "makjang" tone is what makes this work, people. There's a lot of pull your hair out frustrations to be had, and some of it might not even make a lot of sense, but that's what makes it so much fun. The bad guys will stop at nothing, while the good guys are frigging angels. And as viewers, you're kept on the edge of your seat waiting for justice to be served. Acting is A+

  • Reviews - Pretty Li Hui Zhen


    Love the (orig) storyline, but the acting was god awful. The male lead, whilst pretty looking, cannot emote, period. The actress on the other hand, was a joy to watch, as was the second male lead - he was almost as good as Siwon's portrayal, if not better in some respects. I was happy to root for him instead of the male lead, who showed no signs of improvement! It is better watched as a standalone drama though - try not to compare it with the orig Korean version, as it will only get in the way of enjoying the aspects that are good, like the office shenanigans/supporting character interactions.