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    Fated to Love You

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  • Reviews - Hotel Del Luna


    My girl IU did it again! What a great drama to watch. After numerous fails, the Hong Sisters finally deliver with this romantic comedy. As always, they include stories within the story, so you’ll have tearjerker moments all around while still enjoying the elements of a romantic comedy. The leads have great chemistry and work well with each other to deliver romantic scenes. While there isn’t much in terms of physical romance, the characters are able to convincingly show they are falling for each other. Seo Yi-sook is the true talent of this show, however, as she plays all the versions of Ma Go Sin. She is stoic, funny, sweet, strict, silly, etc. Just about the best performance in the show. At times, I feel she stole the show. The cinematography is phenomenal. Everything about the camera work, lighting, poses, it all works together to suck you in to this whole other world. Combine that with the dreamlike OST, and you’ve got pure magic. I couldn’t help but feel drawn into the story while watching. And well, Gummy and Taeyeon are just great singers too. Their voices help set the tone throughout the drama. Someone else mentioned CGI, and it’s true. Compared to other dramas out there, I have to say the CGI in this one is truly very realistic. Not that I usually care about that, but it really is very good in this drama.

  • Reviews - Mr. Temporary


    This is a great drama. It’s full of suspense. It’ll keep you guessing until the end. The actors all delivered their parts brilliantly. There’s no romance in this drama, so if you’re looking for that, go elsewhere. Never thought a high school would be so intriguing!

  • natcat2011


    The actors are great. Especially the guy who plays Joon Yoon Tae. EXCELLENT actor right there. But the storyline at times doesn't make sense to me. I'm planning on finishing it, but I've seen better dramas. Also, I want to support Seohyun.