Suspending all segmenting projects to concentrate on my studies and research project.

Soldier Co-manager [Segmenting completed, subbing completed except for Ep49.6]

Current segmenting project(s):
* Vampire Prosecutor 2 [Sun - PT] 6 of 11
* The 3rd Hospital [Wed, Thurs - PT] 14 of 20
* The Great Seer [Wed, Thurs - backup ] 5 of 36
* Rude Miss Young Ae Season 11 [PT] TBA Nov.
* licensed dramas

Uploading project only: as a favor to 4everlasting
Duang Taa Nai Duang Jai [Completed but subs out of sync. Waiting for viki to fix the offset time sync function].

Segmenting projects temporarily on hold:
The Great King's Dream - pending license
Imminent Crisis - no translator , not licensed - jumpy time bar issue
Torranee Ni Nee Drai Krong not licensed - jumpy time bar issue
Bounty Hunter not licensed - jumpy time bar issue
Dark Fragrance - not licensed - jumpy time bar issue
Shogun - pending license

Upcoming project(s):
The Secret Lovers [PT segmenter] TBA Jan. 2013
Turn Around Fall in Love [PT segmenter]
Beauties of the Emperor


Soldier - God of War