Love Love heart welcome to my proflie heart

My name is Noha Mohammed Abdeen 

Business Student.

21 years old








My Segmenter 101 program progress Chart

Monetor : Marykarmelina 

NO PV and RVP links DateAccess DateCopmleted



1 15/2/2015 15/2/2015 First AR checked br MaryKarmelina on 16/2/2015
    16/2 16/2 2nd AR
2 16/2 16/2

First AR 17/2

    17/2 17/2 2nd AR
3(RVP) 20/2 21/2 First AR in 21/2
    21/2 24/2 2nd AR 25/2
    25/2 25/2  
4 14/3 16/3 First AR 17/3
5   16/3 19/3  
6 8/4 12/4 First AR 18/4
    18/4 20/4  
7 21/7 30/7  
8 11/9 27/9 First AR 29/9
GRAD video 1







 My Drama list :  

( To be updated ) ( if you like a drama and can't find it in my list PLEASE do tell me) :)

1-My love from the stars .

2-Dream high.

3-Dream high 2

4-Gu family book

5-Shining inheritance

6-My girlfriend is a gumiho


8-Personal taste

9-nice guy

10-Boys over flowers

11-You are beautiful

12-To the beautiful you

13-Secret garden

14-flower boy next door

15-Angel eyes

16-Heart strings

17-Playfull kiss

18-Discovery of love

19-Marriage not dating

20-My secret hotel

21-She is so lovable 

22-Lie to me 

23-I miss you 


25-Hi! school , love on


27-City hunter

28-Bride of the century

29-Cunning single lady


31-Coffee prince


33-That winter the wind blows

34-Reply 1997

35-Full house

36-Queen inHyun's man 

37-Trot lovers

38-K-pop extreme survival

39-My princess 

40-Fated to love you

41-You'r all surrounded

42-Wild romance 

43-Surpluss princess 

44-Heart to heart 


46-Cinderella's sister 

47-Kill me , heal me  



50- school 2013

51- who are you .school 2015

52-protect the boss 

53-warm and cozy 

54-i remeber you 


56-king of dramas 

57-EXO next door 

58-Orange marmalade 

59-it's ok that's love 

60- High society 

61-shut up flower boy band

62 - Oh my Ghost

63- She was pretty

64 -Dream Knight 

65 -Fools love 

66-The villege 

67-Falling for challenge 

68-Oh my venus 




72-Good bye mister black

73-Descendants of the sun


75-Lucky romance 

76-Oh hae young again 

77-Dear fair lady kong shim

78-Liar game 



81-Ex-girlfriend club

82-Task force 38

83-Bad guys 

84-Uncontrollably fond

85-Falling for innocence 

86-Beautiful mind 


89-Legend of the blue sea

90-Moon lovers

91-Moon Light drawn by clouds 

92-The K2

93-Cinderella and four nights

94-Two weeks


96-Be Positive

97-Shopping king louie

98-7 first Kisses

99-Weight lifting fairy Kim Bok Jo

100- Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

101- Introverted boss

102- 1% of something

103- Hwarang the begining 

104- Let's fight ghost

105- Sweet stranger and me 

106- One more happy ending 

107- Page tutrner

108- My secret romance

109- The liar and his lover

110- Queen for 3 days.