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  • Reviews - Splash Splash Love


    This is everything I want in a drama and more. If full length dramas were all this Damn Fantastic, I wouldn't have gotten so burnt out on them.

  • Reviews - Dramaworld


    I love it! I love it! I love it! I WAS PUMPING MY FISTS AT THE END I WAS SO HAPPY! Oh drama, how I love you. Let me count the ways. You were fun and engaging. Your characters were bang on fabulous. Your story went in so many unexpected directions. I love everything about you. (I'm totally glossing over the wooden acting, because everything else about this little show was so much fun.) I even don't mind how you made me intensely anxious half the time cause the female lead kept doing things that seemed to be totally screwing everything up, and all I wanted was for her to make better life choices. You made up for it all in the end. Dramaworld, you are perfection. Will you marry me? (I'm totally not against a season 2, btw. Claire and Joon, romantic drama saving team? I'd watch the TOM FOOLERY out of that.)

  • OhSoEnthusiastic


    I'm a big fan of delightfully quirky Asian films, and this one really fits the bill. The story is sweet, funny, heartwarming, and thoughtful. The characters are charming and sometimes a little odd. The cinematography and film score are beautiful and imaginative. And by the end of the movie, I was dying to try this woman's food. You won't regret watching this movie. 10 stars from me!


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