FIFA 19 - What's new in the Coup de Envoi mode

The kickoff mode has been completely reworked in FIFA 19, to bring more fun, more opportunity to players! Here is the explanation of the novelties.

FIFA 19 - What's new in the Coup de Envoi mode

More match types

In addition to the classic Kickoff, which is simply a normal match with no added visuals or modified rules, there are five new types of matches that players can choose from UEFA Champions League, House Rules, FIFA 19 hack coins free generator Best Of Series, Home & Away and final cut. Each type has a specificity in the match experience.

  • UEFA Champions League   - The most prestigious club competition in the world is part of the kick-off in FIFA 19. From live group matches to the final, you can organize a personalized match of the Champions League with specific visuals. , rules etc. Which offer a realistic and immersive tournament experience.
  • House Rules -   If you've ever wanted to play a FIFA game with different rules or no rules at all, the Match Type House Rules is for you. You can set up a match with a selection of custom rules, including No rules, FIFA 19 Munzen Generator Survival, Long range, First to. . ., and heads and flocks.
    • Survival Mode  - Whenever a user scores a goal, a random player of the club is removed (excluding the goalkeeper) to create a challenge for the player with a score advantage.
    • No rules   - Everything happens in this type of match, in which there is no offside, fouls or reservations.
    • Long Range  - Any goal scored inside the area will count as a goal, but goals scored from outside the area count as two goals.
    • First of all to  . . .- This type of match allows you to set a custom winning condition, whether it's to score first (gold goal), three goals or more, and so on.
    • Headers & Volleys  - You can only score in this type of match with a header or volley. Free kicks and penalties also count, but any other goals scored will be denied.
  • Best Of Series   - Play classic games in a three or five game series to determine a winner (away goals do not count double).
  • Home & Away   - This is a type of two-legged match in which you play a home game and an away game to determine the winner. The winner is determined by the overall score, which is the team with the most combined goals of the two matches. If the teams are tied, the team with the most goals away will be determined. If the teams are still at the same level, the game will go into overtime, then shots on goal.
  • Cup Finals  - Play your match as one of the many finals of the Real World Cup, including the Champions League final, the Europa League final, the FA Cup final and many more. other. Official kits, badges, match balls, and authentic broadcast overlays (for selected tournaments) provide an ultimate authentic cut experience.

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Stat Tracking 

You can now track your stats, including detailed scans, from all matches played in Kickoff mode. Use the stats to analyze and refine your game plan, tweak your pre-match tactics and prepare for each game. This advanced system tracks all the information available on the gameplay. With a wealth of detailed and immersive information, FIFA 19 lets you approach every Kickoff match, just like you would with a real football game, using tactics and strategies from your stats.

You can view your objective statistics or compare them to any opponent you have faced in kickoff mode.

Check Out:

Statistics followed

  • Victory
  • Defeat
  • Draw
  • % of victory
  • Marked goals
  • Goals conceded
  • Goal difference
  • Types of goals:
    • In the rectangle
    • Outside the rectangle
    • Penaltys
    • Free moves
  • Goal Heatmap
  • % fire frames
  • Total number of shots on target
  • Total number of shots
  • % Means of possession
  • % Possession in areas of the field
  • % Of successful passes