Mexican woman, married, no childrens (yet), korean drama lover (trying japanese and chinese, although the last ones are a little bit too long or too silly :P). My native language is spanish but I can write, listen and read English pretty well; after watching too many korean dramas now I want to learn Korean. I'm 28 this year (2016), and this year is when I start helping out with the projects since I joined the community, and so far it had been really fun. 



Ninja Sandbox Graduation Badge                                                           Ninja Segging & Subbing Academy Graduation Badge



Projects where I had participated: 

Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho (Spanish Subber)

Master: God of Noodles (Spanish Subber)

Five Childrens (Spanish Subber)

Doctors (Spanish Subber)

Uncontrollably Fond (Spanish Subber)

W (Spanish Subber)

Second to Last Love (Spanish Subber)

Oh My Geum Bi (Segmenter & Spanish Subber)


Woman With a Suitcase (Spanish Subber) 

The Man Living in Our House (Spanish Subber)

Goblin (Spanish Subber)

Defendant (Segmenter)

Voice (Segmenter & Spanish Subber)


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (Segmenter)