Mexican woman, married, no childrens (yet), korean drama lover (trying japanese and chinese, although the last ones are a little bit too long or too silly :P). My mother language is spanish but I can write, listen and read English pretty well; after watching too many korean dramas now I want to learn Korean. I'm 30 this year (2018) T-T.



Ninja Sandbox Graduation Badge                                                           Ninja Segging & Subbing Academy Graduation Badge



Projects where I had participated: 

Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho (Spanish Subber)

Master: God of Noodles (Spanish Subber)

Five Childrens (Spanish Subber)

Doctors (Spanish Subber)

Uncontrollably Fond (Spanish Subber)

W (Spanish Subber)

Second to Last Love (Spanish Subber)

Oh My Geum Bi (Segmenter & Spanish Subber)


Woman With a Suitcase (Spanish Subber) 

The Man Living in Our House (Spanish Subber)

Goblin (Spanish Subber)

My Life's Golden Age (Spanish Subber)

Into the Sunlight (Spanish Subber)

Defendant (Segmenter)

Voice (Segmenter & Spanish Subber)


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (Segmenter & Spanish Subber)


Bring It On, Ghost! (Spanish Subber)

Father is Strange (Spanish Subber)

Healing Master (Segmenter) 

K2 (Spanish Subber)

The Perfect Match (Segmenter)

Suspicious Partner (Segmenter) 

Projects where I had participated as member of the Inseparable Team (Spanish subbers):

  • Refresh Man
  • Back to 1989
  • My Amazing Boyfriend
  • Love At Seveteen
  • The Interpreter
  • Ode to Joy
  • Miss Rose
  • First Love
  • Go! Goal! Fighting!
  • Metro of Love
  • Fifteen Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds
  • Better Man
  • Oh My Ghostess!
  • Prince Of Wolf
  • Reply 1988
  • Chinese Paladin 5:Clouds of the World
  • Swimming Battle
  • Far Away Love
  • Whirlwind Girl 2
  • School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard
  • The Wife's Lies
  • Ice Fantasy
  • Love by Design
  • On the Way to the Airport
  • Proud of Love
  • When a Snail Falls in Love
  • My Wife is Having a Affair this Week
  • V-Focus
  • Rookie Agent Rogue
  • Thirty Something
  • Shuttle Love Millennium 
  • I Am Sam
  • All in 700
  • The Secret Lover
  • The Sleeping Beauty
  • Stay with Me
  • The Legend of Chusen
  • Legend of Condor Heroes
  • Pretty Li Hui Zhen
  • Proud of Love Season 2
  • The Legend of Chusen 2
  • Magic Star
  • Twinkle Twinkle
  • Wine Beauty
  • The Starry Night, The Starry Sea
  • Gye Baek
  • Chronicle of Life
  • Nirvana on Fire
  • Because of You
  • Perfect Wife
  • The King of Romance
  • Just For You
  • Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People
  • Hot Girl
  • Across the Ocean to See You
  • Sparrow
  • The Masked Lover
  • Song of Phoenix
  • Medalist Lawyer Heir
  • My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
  • Return of Happiness
  • Bad Thief, Good Thief
  • The Deer and the Cauldron
  • The Perfect Match
  • The Eternal Love
  • Men with Swords Season 2
  • My Mr. Mermaid
  • The King's Woman
  • Memory Love
  • The Four Scholars of Jiangnan
  • Attackt it, Lighting!
  • Attetion, Love!
  • Rakshasa Street
  • Tea Love
  • Love Actually
  • My Golden Life
  • My Little Princess
  • Dear Prince
  • The Fox's Summer
  • The Man from the Future
  • Fighter of Destiny
  • The Legendary Tycoon
  • Delicious Destiny
  • Nirvana in Fire 2
  • A Seven-Faced Man
  • See You in Time
  • My Dear Boy
  • The Fox's Summer Season 2
  • Iron Ladies

Projects where I had participated as member of the Viki Adicto Team (Spanish subbers):

  • The Diamond's Dream
  • Drinking Solo
  • MOZU Season 1
  • The Miracle
  • The Spring Day of My Life
  • iPartment 3
  • Fortuneteller's Secret Recipe 
  • Girl's War