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  • Fantastic


    EN 99% Korea
    Episode 2
    Updated 4 months ago
  • Naked Fireman

    Naked Fireman

    EN 97% Korea
    Episode 1
    Updated 6 months ago
  • The Untamed

    The Untamed

    EN 100% Mainland China
    Episode 8
    Updated about 1 year ago

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  • Reviews - Train


    Okay. I have seen 10 episodes of it (in K-drama world, it is the amount you need to see if the drama is going to go down or stay gold), and let me tell you: this show is gonna stay lit till the end. I do not even know if it even possible for screenwriters to disappoint me after this point on, really. They have to like reallyyy mess it up. The overarching story is gold: it is like a Matryoshka Nesting Doll: complex, every-changing and mesmerizing. However, side stories are less unique, and thus, more expected. This does not hurt the story though, do not get me wrong. It is a fresh breath. Otherwise, the story would have been too heavy or too stressful. With the light-ish (expected) stories along the way, screenwriters help us to stay in focus and keep watching. I cannot wait to finish and feel sorry that I have finished it too soon :)

  • Reviews - Tunnel


    This is one of my favorite dramas of the season! I really love how storyline gets together in a super organized but yet mysterious way <3 And I really do not understand those people who complain about subtitles. Guys, it takes a lot of time to translate it. Also, they are not paid translators. They are volunteers. It is not their duty to be there at that time if they have some important exams coming up, or have a plan with their friends. Let's be understanding to each others *v*

  • Reviews - Memorist


    Wow... That was (I watched all of it) an amazing story, great acting and creative plot.