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  • Reviews - Just Dance


    This is not a bad show. However, I do not think it deserves all 10s in the world. It started out very fun very fast and then slowed down so fast with tons of plot holes. I think it still deserves a watch but expectation of 9.3 is way too high to watch 16 episodes.

  • petapan


    I have seen comments saying people give low points to this drama because of the subtitle/access but I think the low point is well deserved. While I love the actors/actresses, this drama lacks the hook. There has not been a single episode the ending of which left me questioning what will happen in the following episode. I think it is a shame to have a good cast with poor writing.

  • Reviews - Doctor John


    Such a great drama. I cut one point from the last 3 episodes. I feel like this drama was supposed to be 40 episodes but they ended up with 32. The last 3-4 episodes were so rushed and thus have plot holes. That being said, I highly recommend you to watch this drama. Cast is great! OST is so fitting. Director is doing an amazing job with the angles and pace. Just amazing!