" For Stars they have their own time...
Starting From now when 2,500 years have passed
all the things we are struggling now, we will struggle again
and we will meet the same people as we met before I
i would like to meet YOU again"

"If you stand at the window where I stood,
if you lay on the bed that I lie in,
If you read the books I read,
if we can be together even just like that.
Then let's just pretend we are
Let's pretend were just as happy as other's in love"

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-A thousand Day's Promises [Korea] (manager)
-Shut Up [Korea] (manager)
-Ghost- [Korea] (Game Org. /Segger)
-Big -[Korea] (Segger)
-A Gentlemen's Dignity- [Korea] (Segger)
-Dr.Jin [Korea] (Segger)


-Royal Family [K-Drama] (Manager)
-Discovery of Love [K-drama] (TI-mod)
-Believe in Love [Kdrama] (Eng Mod)
-Material Queen [Tai-Drama] (TI mod)

[Current/Upcoming] MOVIES

-Way Back Home [Phil] (Manager)
-Only You [Korean] (manager)
-Wedding Tayo Wedding Hindi
-Beastly [US-Movie] (manager)
-Bokura Ga Ita [Jap-Movie] (manager)
-Let The Love Begin [Phil-Movie] MG
-When a man loves a woman [Phil] MG
-Today [Korean] (segger)

~Upcoming Drama~

-Arang- [Korea] (Eng-Mod)
-Beautiful you [Korea] (TI-Mod)
-Tiptoe to Kiss Love [China] (Eng-Mod)
-Bodyguard [China] (segger)
-The third hospital [Korea] (Eng-mod)

On HOLD/blocked Channels

-The Vampire Diaries S.1 [US] (Uploader)
-Pretty Little Liars [US-drama] (Manager)
-Oh My School [K-TVshow] (Manager)
-Sabel [PHIL-DRAMA] (manager)
-Color of a Woman - Segger [Mon-Tues]
-What's up -Sat's Uploader
-Muscle Girl [Jap-Drama] (manager)
-Mara Clara - [Phil-Drama] (Eng mod)
-Alyna (PHR) [Phil-Drama] (Manager)
-Maria La Del Barrio [PHIL-Drama] (manager)




1-My girlfriend is a gumiho [K-drama] (TI SUBBER) [my lovable mod is meann1427]
2-Playful Kiss [K-drama] (TI SUBBER) [lovable mods are jofil and omona]
3-Playful Kiss YT Ver (TI SUBBER) [same as PK mods]
4-Dosirak [K-mini-drama] (TI Subber)
5-Thank you for making me Smile [K-mini-drama] (Eng Mod)
6-Gloria [K-drama] (Last minute help segmenter)
7-Dream High [K-drama] (Last Minute help segger)
8-Mary Stayed Out all Night [K-drama] (TI subber)
9-It's Ok daddy's Daughter [K-unfinish subs drama] (TI back up subber)
10-My Princess [Kdrama] (TI Co-Mod/segger/TI subber) [co-mods with omona,wena24 and grace09]
11The Thorn Tree Bird- [K-drama] (manager)
12-Love Buffet [Tai-drama] (TI Mod/segger/TI subber)
13Maging Sino Ka Man Book 1 [Phil-Drama] (designer)
14-New Tales of the Gingsaeng [K-drama] (segger)
15-Miss Ripley [K-drama] (segger)
15-Festival [K-Drama] (co-manager/TI Mod/subber/segger)
17-City Hunter [Kdrama] (TI mod/subber/segger)
18-Protect the Boss [Korea] (segger)
19-Scent of a Woman [Korea][TL- Subber]
20-The Princess's Man | [Korea] (manager)
21-Honorable Baek Dong-Soo [Korea] (manager)
22--Deep Rooted Tree- [Korea] (Eng Mod)
23-The Musical- [Korea] (segger)
24-Fall In Love [China] (TI Subber)
25-Please Ring the Bell Twice - [China](segger) (last min. helper)
26-A thousand kisses | [Korea] (segger) (sat-sun)
27-Moon Embracing the Sun- [Korea](segger)
28-Salaryman [Korea] (segger)
29-Feast of God - [Korea](Segger)
30-My splendid Life | [China] (uploader) (daily)
31-Bolder by the day | [Korea] (uploader/segger) (sat-sun)
32-Fondant Garden [China] (segger)
33-Love Rains -[Korea] (Eng-Mod)
34-Fashion [Korea] (Eng-mod)
35-The King [Korea] (Manager)
36. Another Brilliant Life -[ China] (uploader/segger)


1-I Do --- [Phil-TI ] (Manager)
2-My Amnesia Girl --- [Phil- TI] (Manager)
3-I'll Be There --- [Phil-TI] (manager)
4-Babe, I Love You --- [Phil-TI] (uploader)
5-'Till My Heartaches End --- [Phil- TI] (uploader)
6-Who's that Girl? --- [Phil-TI] (manager)
7-In the Name of love- [Phil-Movie] MG
8-Forerver and a day [Phil] Manager
9-My Black Minidress [K-movie] (Staff)
10-Lovesick [Taiwan] (segger)

All thanks to my lovable subbers, seggers, mods, editors and uploader in my channels~

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