There are many types of curls, retro rolls, ear rolls, wavy rolls... Each has its own characteristics. And in recent years, the big hot pear flower head still is a lot of women's heart love, actually these curl style you can make at home, as long as you have an electric curl stick! So what's the use of the electric curling iron?

1. Gently blow the hair from the inside and outside of the hair, and dry the wet hair.

2. Use a hairpin to clip the bangs, and divide both sides of the hair into two parts;

3. Open the electric curling iron for a few seconds.

4. When using the electric curling iron, you can use the other hand to gently support the rolled part of the coil after it is rolled up.

5. When you roll your bangs, you can curl a coil with a curling iron, so that the curl will be natural.

6. Finally, apply some wax on your hand and apply it to your curly hair, which will keep the curl of your hair longer.

What are the models of electric curling iron
Nowadays, many MM people use their hair to do their hair at home. So what do you know about the model of the curling iron? Actually electric curling iron has international standard model: 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, and now mainstream hairstyle USES 32mm model. Let's look at Remy-hair-extensions-wholesale in more detail.

The model of electric curling iron is also its diameter, the bigger the diameter, the greater the curl of the curl, and the effect of curly hair is more styling. On the contrary, the smaller the model, the smaller the curl of the hair, the more natural the feeling.

1, 19 mm

The 19mm is a small electric curling iron, usually used to curl bangs, or make the shape of a grain of wheat. And if you're a fan of retro micro-style, the small electric curling irons will suit you well.

2, 25 mm

Hair qualitative compare hard MM compares suit to use 25mm medium electric curl stick, curl effect is good, maintain time also is longer.

3. More than 32mm

This large, large-diameter electric curling iron will make it easier to roll up your hair, and it will make you look more attractive when it comes to curly heads and big waves.