RECRUITING FINNISH SUBBERS FOR : My Beloved Sister, Yi San and Remember.
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Leave me a PM if you are looking for:
Finnish / Russian / Swedish / English moderator, subtitler or segmenter.

 Hint | Channel Manager
One More Happy Ending | Finnish Moderator
Exile Nation: The Plastic People  | Channel Manager
JuNCurryAhn | Finnish Moderator & Chief Segmenter
Friend, Our Legend | Segmenter
My Beloved Sister | SegmenterEnglish Subtitler & Finnish Moderator
Pops in Seoul | Finnish Moderator
Remember | Finnish & Swedish Moderator
The Time I've Loved You | Finnish Moderator
Love Me If You Dare | Finnish Moderator
Bromance | Finnish Moderator
Liar Game | Subtitler
She Was Pretty | Subtitler
Yi San | Finnish Moderator
My Little Lover - Minami Kun No Koibito | Finnish Moderator
Refresh Man | Finnish Moderator
Fifteen Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds | Finnish Moderator
With You | Finnish Moderator
Prince of Wolf | Finnish Moderator
Duet Song Festival | Segmenter
Infinite Challenge | Segmenter
Real Men | Segmenter
2 Days & 1 Night | Segmenter

Arrows On The Bowstring | Finnish Moderator & Segmenter
Love Stories From Fukuoka | Finnish Moderator
Latin Angels Season 3 | Segmenter
The Diary of a Resentful Woman | Segmenter

What's Up Fox? | English Subtitler
Neighborhood Hero | Segmenter
Immutable Law of First Love | Finnish Moderator
Sassy Go Go | Finnish Moderator
The Library | Subtitler
Mask | Subtitler
Old Goodbye | Finnish Moderator
Jumping Girl | Finnish Moderator
Whatcha Wearin'? | Finnish Moderator