About Myself

Hello, my name is Sabrina. I love watching Asian dramas. I am mostly fascinated with the different customs and traditions of each country. I would really like to visit all these wonderful countries in the future.

I wanted to give something back so I decided to join the Segmenting community in 2013.

Mostly, I've been working on Chinese, Taiwanese and Thai dramas. I just started working on Korean dramas, too. I have so much fun meeting other volunteers  and gaining new friends who share the same interests.

Feel free to contact me and if my schedule allows, I'll be happy to help. :)


List of My Favorite Asian Dramas

(I watched it several times)


  • Full House
  • My Name is Kim Sam Soon
  • Princess Hours
  • Boys Over Flowers
  • Thorn Birds
  • Family's Honor
  • 1% of Something




  • Nodame Cantabile Series

  • Hotaru no Hikari 1 + 2

  • Hana Yori Dango Series

  • Code Blue Series






  • It Started With A Kiss 1 + 2
  • In Time WIth You
  • Fated to Love You







  • Romance in the Rain
  • Sealed With A Kiss
  • Bu Bu Jing Xin
  • Battle of Changsha
  • Nirvana in Fire








  • Nueng Nai Suang
  • Prissana
  • Wanida
  • Pin Anong
  • Kha Kong Kon
  • Tawan Tor Saeng

















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