Welcome to my profile! ^^
I am mainly a subber (Mandarin <=> English) but I segment as well!  

Currently working on.... 


Future Projects... 

Some Past Projects:

Boys Over Flowers Extravagant Challenge Fondant Garden When Love Walked In
Love Actually Half of a Fairy Tale Next Heroes Princess Stand In
Love Around Fated to Love You Just You Love Family
Deja Vu Fifteen Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds Legend of Hua Mulan When I See You Again
Fabulous Boys The Flavor of Love Moon River Bull Fighting
Love's Relativity Fall In Love With Me Give Seven Days Love at Seventeen
Nouhime-Wife of a Samurai Proud of Love Prince of Wolf We Love You, Mr. Jin - Editor
Behind Your Smile Because of Meeting You The Perfect Match Hot Girl
Attention, Love! The Man from the Future Rakshasa Street Take Your Mark
Swan Home Sweet Home My Dear Boy