Hello everybody !  :)


My name is Sandra. I'm 15 years old and I live near Berlin [Germany]. I'm half german and vietnamese.


My mother tongue is vietnamese and german


In summary I can speak and write german and english. French a little bit (I learn it for 3 years at school) and I can speak vietnamese.


So I want to translate things from english --> german, vietnamese --> german(, german/english --> vietnamese).






                                       And the most important thing is that I love asian dramas. heart






Ongoing Projects:

-China- Legend Of Lu Zhen  [from english to german/subber] 

-China- Shuttle Love Millennium [from english to german/subber]

-China- Whirlwind Girl [from english to german/subber]

-China- My Little Princess  [from english to german/subber] *deletedcrying*

-Korea- Tomorrow With You [from english to german/subber]

-Korea- Glamorous Temptation  [from english to german/replacement subber]

-Korea- Sister's Slam Dunk [from english to german/subber]

-Korea- Sister Is Alive [from englisch to german/subber]

-Korea- Gogh, The Starry Night [from english to german/subber]

-Vietnam- Walking, Crying [from english (vietnamese) to german/subber]


Finished Projects:

-Korea- On the Way to the Airport [from english to german/subber]

-Korea- Bubblegum  [from english to german/subber]

-China- The Starry Night, The Starry Sea [from english to german/subber]


Favourite Dramas:


Descendants Of The Sun

My Love From The Star

My Amazing Boyfriend

Shopping King Louie

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

W - Two Worlds

Scarlet Heart: Goryeo

Whirlwind Girl

Introverted Boss

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon






         I love him and his acting!!! heartheart xx








         Asien ,Chau a ,Asia ,Asie 











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