UPDATE= May 20, 2017
It may take me a while to respond to mesages, but send me another one if I don't respond in a few days or so.
Still getting settled in~ will try to update

Hwayugi (December 2017)**
I'm Not a Robot (November 2017)**
While You Were Sleeping (September 2017)
Byun Hyuk's Love (October 2017)**
Some pages I have designed:
The Heirs
Master's Sun
Haeundae Lover's
Two Weeks
Just You
Hotel King
Who Are You
I Miss You
Three Days
Inspiring Generation
I Hear Your Voice
When a Man Loves
Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek
Vampire Prosecutor 2
Extravagant Challenge
To the Beautiful You
Sound of the Heart (2016)--not licensed
Missing Nine (2017)--not licensed
My Sassy Girl (Korean) (May 2017)**
Manhole (August 2017)
The King's Woman (August 2017)
Save Me (August 2017)**

**Pending License Confirmation