There are main three types of fighters are involved in this game. You should know that characters can be changed at any time or more will be added later. Just use the shadow fight 3 cheats in order to upgrade important Free Shadow Fight 3 Gems items without any problem.

Dynasty guard

This character is supposed to be a hard hitter and not easy to handle without proper guidance. His moves can break the enemy bones on a regular fight.


“The dynasty guard’s armor looks rich, but it also has all the qualities of a light and durable attire that meets the guards’ fighting style. Its breastplate is ornamented with a white lotus, the symbol Shadow Fight 3 Online Cheats of nobility and purity.”

Heavy Greaves

Heavy greaves and steel toes of the guard’s boots help to make stronger kicks, which can be quite deadly when performed masterfully by a dynasty warrior. With the help of shadow fight 3 hacks in your mobile, you can win many levels.