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  • Reviews - Orange Marmalade


    I liked the idea of what the creators wanted to say in this one but it's wayyyy too chaotic and it's hard to get through. I barely survived to the end. The hidden message was supposed to be great but for me the whole thing is somehow shallow. But if you like Twilight, this one might be a must- see for you. I see some similarities in the plot. You might really like it. I like the historical part.

  • Reviews - Hwarang


    I don't know why I keep hearing negative opinions about this drama. Personally, I strongly disagree with all the people that think this drama is weak. It's actually amazing. The plot is very consuming and we'll thought, full of surprises and touching. As for the actors, let's just say- they're all stunning. Not only by the looks. The only thing I didn't like was the Go Ara's character development. I'd rather say that it was a regress somehow. I liked how she acted at the beginning much more than at the end. She kinda lost her personality. But if you can withstand that, you'd find this drama really great. Definitely in my top 10

  • shagonese_96_760


    One of the best and cleverest drama I've seen. Very touching and entertaining. High in my top 10 list. I love how the actors play their roles, totally nailed it. And if you've been resisting the second lead syndrome while watching other dramas I'm telling you- this time you'll loose. I've never had such a hard time because of the second lead. Amazing. 10/10