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My commitment as an editor and NSSA Sensei:

Context, consistency, flow, colloquialism, standard grammar, punctuation, integrity of original intention, ease of comprehension in 4-6 seconds—these are all things I consider with every single edit, no exceptions. Ego, mine or that of anyone else, never comes into the equation.


My Current favorite Groove is right here and here.

It all started with a tablet we bought from China...

It came preloaded with a sample video. As I watched the video, I realized that although the song had some English, it also had another language which I could not identify. (It didn't sound like Chinese to me.) As I searched the internet to find out who the cute girls in the video were (Girls Generation), I got sucked into the world of K-Pop quickly. K-drama followed shortly thereafter, but I didn't discover Viki until I completely ran out of K-drama to watch on Netflix. Who knew I'd find a new passion in life?

I'm currently studying Korean. It's a little difficult with so few people to converse with, but I keep plugging away. Next? Japanese? Who knows? I'm doing what I want for now and although my children think I'm weird, I am really enjoying the ride.

My  Projects
Completed Projects           Current and Upcoming Projects
Modern Farmer - English Editor   heart heartheart Love & Secret - Channel Manager/Chief Editor
Liar Game - English Editor   yes Tokyo Makeup Girls TV - Channel Manager
A Song For You - Chief Editor   smiley Damned Man - Chief Editor
Punch - Channel Manager   heart SBS Inki Gayo - Channel Manager/Chief Editor (6/2015-present)
One OK Rock - Editor   cheeky Love Actually - Chief Editor
Radio Star - Chief Editor/Channel Manager   frown Hide Your Identity - Editor
Angel 'n' Devil - English Editor/Moderator   smiley MV Bank Stardust Season 2 - Channel Manager
Hero 2 2014 - English Editor   smiley Sweet Home, Sweet Honey - Chief Editor (license pending)

Love Frequency 37.2 - Chief Editor   heart

Reply 1988 - English Editor 
Shine or Go Crazy - Chief Editor   heart heart Let's Have Dinner Together - Cheif Editor (upcoming)
Dr. Frost - English Editor   smiley Medical College - English Editor
K-Pop Star Season 4 - Channel Manager, Chief Editor   heart Bubblegum - Channel Manager
Spy - English Editor    indecision Five Children - English Editor heartheartheart
The First Step, Yuki Furukawa in Shanghai - Editor   yes The Flower in Prison - Chief Editor
Taipei 2015 New Years Eve Countdown - Chief Editor   indecision
Family is Coming - Channel Manager, English Editor/Moderator Saimdang, the Herstory - Chief Editor
Heart to Heart - English Editor heartheartheart K-Pop Star Season 5 - Channel Manager (license pending)
Falling for Innocence (Beating Again) - Chief Editor/Moderator  heartheart heart Back to 1989 - Editor
​New World - Chief Editor    yes Yeah, That's How It Is - Chief Editor (license pending)
Blood - English Editor   heart Jackpot (Daebak) - English Editor
​Super Daddy Yeol - Chief Editor   heartheartheart Back in Time: Long Time, No See - Chief Editor
Fabulous Boys - Chief Editor   heart Beethoven Virus (rework) - Channel Manager/Chief Editor
Asuka High School March Team - Chief Editor  smiley Warm Love - Chief Editor
The Lover - Chief Editor  heart Galileo - Chief Editor
Exo Next Door - Editor  yes Witch in the Mirror - English Editor
The Crossing Hero- Chief Editor  smiley Age of Youth - Chief Editor
Renegade - Chief Editor  yes Woman With a Suitcase - Chief Editor (upcoming)
 Midnight's Girl - Editor   smiley Ice World - Chief Editor (upcoming)
Midnight Diner (Late Night Restauant) - Chief Editor   smiley Tong: Master - Chief Editor
My Love Eun Dong - Chief Editor   heartheartheart  
Doctors Affairs - Editor  smiley  
Prince's Prince - Chief Editor  smiley Blow Breeze - Chief Editor
Last - Channel Manager, Editor  smiley Second to Last Love - English Editor
Love Again - Channel Manager   heart  
D Day - English Editor (complete)   smiley  
The Village:Achiara's Secret - English Editor   smiley K-Pop Star Season 6 - Channel Manager
Secret - Chief Editor   smiley Bad Thief, Good Thief - Chief Editor
Madame Antoine - English Editor  smiley
The Nanny Man - Chief Editor
Clinic on the Sea - Chief Editor  heart When a Woman Chases a Man - Chief Editor

I Have a Lover - Chief English Editor   heartheartheart

Sister is Alive - Editor
Rosy Lovers - English Editor heart heart Unusual Men and Women - Chief Editor
Real Men - English Editor yes 20th Century Boys and Girls - Chief Editor

Oh Hae Young Again - Channel Manager, English Editor heartheartheart

Tunnel - English Editor

Father is Strange - Channel Manager,Chief Editor

Laurel Tree Tailors - Chief Editor

Spark - English Editor


Girls' Generation 1979 - Chief Editor

Do Not Trust Her - Chief Editor

Mad Dog - Channel Manager













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 Shows I've Watched

heartheartheartYou're Beautiful - the one I keep going back to. 10 out of 10

heartheartheartSuper Daddy Yeol

heartheartheartCunning Single Lady

heartheartheartBeautiful Man

heartheart     Marry Me, Mary

heartheart     Emergency Couple

heartheartheartFated to Love You 

heartheartheartPlayful Kiss

heartheartheartIt Started With A Kiss

heartheartheartThey Kiss Again

heartheartheartMischievous Kiss:Love In Tokyo 

heartheartheartMischievous Kiss2:Love in Okanawa 

heartheartheartMarriage Not Dating

heartheartheartQueen In Hyun's Man

heartheart      Dream High

heartheartheartLie To Me

heart            Protect the Boss

heart            Beethoven Virus

heart            Wonderful Days

heart            Come Jang Bo Ri

heartheart       Flower Boys Next Door

smiley             Shut Up Flower Boy Band

heart             Hate To Lose

heart             Secret Garden

heart             Boys Over Flowers


heartheartheartSwitch Girl

heartheartheartPlus Nine Boys

heart           Mama

heart           My Princess

heart           I Do, I Do

heart           Creating Destiny

heartheart     Legendary Witch

heartheartheartModern Farmer

heartheartheartTomorrow Cantabile 

heartheartheartHeart to Heart


heartheart      Punch

no           Color of a Woman

smiley           High Society

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