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Current Projects (9)

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[EN-S] Arrows On The Bowstring
[EN-M] My Beautiful Bride 
[EN-M/ED] The Love Song
[ZH-M] W
[CM] 27th Golden Melody Awards 
[TN-E] The Fatal Mission 
[ZH-M] School 2017 
[SE] After School Club

[CM] Memory Love

Coming Soon
[CM] Looking for Aurora Fan Channel


[EN-S] Happy Together
[EN-M] Showbiz Korea
[CM] Radio Star
[M] Honey and Clover
[EN-S/SE] Tea Love 
[ED] Lost in Love 
[ED] My Son 
[ED] Endless Love 

Fan Channels
[EN-S] Teacher GangStar 
[EN-S] Tiny Times 1.0 Drama Version 
[EN-M] Xing Ming Shi Ye
[EN-M] Youth Melody
[M] Happy Camp 
[CM] So Young 
[CM] You're the Apple of My Eye 
[CM] Love Touch 
[CM] My Daughter 
[CM] Lollipop F 
[CM] Super Junior M 
[EN-S] Jade Lover 
[ED] Mermaid's Prince 
[ED] Infinite Royal Graciousness

Completed Projects

Korean Dramas & Movies (24)

Yeosu ◦ Brain ◦ The Crucible ◦ Wild Romance ◦ Take Care of Us, Captain ◦ Dream High 2 ◦ Glowing She ◦ The Color of a Woman ◦ The Ojakgyo Brothers ◦ Rooftop Prince ◦ The King 2 Hearts ◦ Love Rain ◦ God's Quiz 3 ◦ Panda and Hedgehog ◦ The 3rd Hospital ◦ Queen of Ambition ◦ Glass Mask ◦ Missing Noir M ◦ Master: God of Noodles ◦ Monster ◦ Because It's The First Time ◦ Bring It On, Ghost ◦ UP10TION, Please! ◦ I AM ◦ 

Taiwanese & Chinese Dramas & Movies (55)

Waking Love Up ◦ The Hospital ◦ If I Were You ◦ Love You You ◦ Detective Tang Lang ◦ Sealed With a Kiss ◦ I Love You So Much ◦ The Secret Angel ◦ My Splendid Life ◦ Absolute Boyfriend ◦ Queen of SOP ◦ The Purple House ◦ Alice in Wonder City ◦ Another Brilliant Life ◦ The Most Distant Course ◦ Odd Perfect Match ◦ Inborn Pair ◦ Love Around ◦ KO ONE 2 ◦ Go Yi Yi Go ◦ Shang Shu Fang ◦ When Love Walked In ◦ Half a Fairytale ◦ Happy Michelin Kitchen ◦ Drama Go Go Go ◦ Just You ◦ Love Actually ◦ Ti Amo Chocolate ◦ 2015 Super Star: A Red White Lunar New Year Special ◦ Fabulous 30 ◦ The Crossing Hero ◦ Symphony of Fate ◦ The Family Doctor ◦ Murphy's Law of Love ◦ Constellation Women Series - Aries Woman ◦ You Light Up My Star ◦ Fall in Love With Me ◦ Waking Love Up ◦ Someone Like You ◦ Youth Power ◦ Crossing Hero ◦ Sound of the Desert ◦ 0.5 Love ◦ 2016 Super Star: A Red & White Lunar New Year Special ◦ Love in Time ◦ Addicted (Heroin) ◦ Romantic Princess ◦ Be With Me ◦ Shia Wa Se ◦ Refresh Man ◦ Back to 1989 ◦ KO One Re-Act ◦ Love Actually ◦ Medalist Lawyer Heir ◦ Still Lala ◦ 

Japanese Dramas & Movies (2)

DOCTORS: The Ultimate Surgeon ◦ Detroit Metal City