Hi everyone  smiley

I'm souyong, I'm from saudi arabia 

I can speak and write: English <----> Arabic 


  • project I'm still working on: 

 All About My Mom (Arabic subber)

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey (Arabic subber)

-  Uncontrollably Fond (Arabic subber) 

-  Here Goes April! (Arabic subber) 

-  Mirror of the Witch (Arabic moderator)

- Beautiful Secret  (Arabic moderator)

Heart to Heart  (Arabic moderator)

I Am Sorry, I Love You  (Arabic moderator)

-   My Amazing Boyfriend (Arabic moderator)

-  Lucky Romance (Arabic moderator)


  • completed projects:

Spy (Arabic subber)

Oh My Venus (Arabic subber)

- Riders: Catch Tomorrow (Arabic subber)

Remember (Arabic subber) 

Moorim School  (Arabic moderator)

Madame Antoine (Arabic subber) 

-  Page Turner (Arabic subber)

-  Please Come Back, Mister (Arabic subber)

Descendants of the Sun (Arabic subber)

-  Marriage Contract (Arabic moderator)

-  One More Happy Ending (Arabic moderator)

-  The First Step - Furukawa Yuki in Shanghai - (Arabic moderator)

-  Warm and Cozy (Arabic moderator)