Before going into the NBA 2k18 Locker Codes first lets see about what they are used for with brief history. If Basketball is the most followed game in all of America, then undoubtedly the NBA 2K series is on the top of the list of the most followed sporting games. With more and more people interested in the game but not everyone getting a chance to play it actually in the field, the chance to live their dream through the virtual reality is what is offered by the NBA 2K series. There is a seasonal edition released every year from 1999 and what we are waiting for now is the 19th edition, the NBA 2K18.

So if you are already playing the game, then you are probably well aware of the importance of having the virtual currency. For those who are negligent, the Virtual currency, referred to shortly as VC, is the gaming currency, the cash that is used for purchasing the player features and many more different upgrades that can make you truly invincible in this game.

More on Virtual currency NBA 2k VC

The VC, acronym for virtual currency is virtually everything you need in this game of virtual basketball. The VC can be used for multiple purposes which includes buying cards of high value players, stamina for existing players, enter into tournaments, make your game play more intense and exemplary. In short, with a lot of VC, you will be opening multiple venues in the game that will make gaming extremely exciting and entertaining.

Now that you know what VC is all about, are you ready to get yourself some?

But unfortunately getting the VC is not as easy as it seems. You need to play really well and you need to play continuously to make the currency. Again it may not be enough to actually buy out any feature or get your hands on diamond player pack. So what can you do?

Yes, you can use the 2k18 Locker Codes, the alphanumeric code that is awarded to you by the game or whenever there is a promotional offer from the company. But these locker codes are also not that easy to come by and when they are issued by the company it is not always for all the gaming consoles.  And another biggest limitation with these locker codes is that you cannot use them more than once. So once you get a locker code and use it, it becomes null and void. Additionally when the locker code is issued by the sports company, you don’t have a say in the VC that this locker code will award you.

The other option is to pay some money and get these virtual currency credited to your account. The question is “are you really willing to cash in your real money to get some game currency, however passionate you are about the game?”

Well, you don’t have to lose out on the game and neither do you have to lose out on the cash. You can keep both by simply switching onto the NBA 2K18 locker codes generator.


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The minds behind the generator

The main cause for the advent of these generators is the increasing number of players of the NBA 2K series who feel often cheated for they are not able to advance in the game without the required VC to upgrade their game play. The generator is aimed at providing a leveled battle field, in this case a basketball court, where everyone can play with their full strength and emerge out as winner depending on their game play alone.

The generator has been developed by a team of well trained and well experienced programmers who understand the gaming community and who also happen to be gamers themselves. They are good at what they do and they ensure that there is no compromise of security as the generator hacks into the game server. The generator is designed to ensure that even the most naïve of the players are able to score well in the game. It has been tested well by many different beta testers to ensure its efficiency and since it uses only the codes from the game server, there is no doubt on the possibility of the code being ineffective.