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  • Lost Romance

    Lost Romance

    EN 99% Taiwan
    Episode 4
    Updated 5 days ago
  • New World

    New World

    EN 100% Korea
    New World
    Updated 7 days ago
  • Amensalism


    EN 100% Taiwan
    Episode 13
    Updated 15 days ago

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  • stariz


    A great drama. I am already missing it, and just remembering bits of it is making me cry. Time-travel drama from Taiwan, I find, are really well done and my expectation were just the same as the dramas that came before. But this drama far exceeded my expectation - the events, the sequence of events and scene organization, the acting, the importance of each character, the motive and the reason for their actions, the consequences. Till the last episode, it was hard to predict what how things are going to end. I guess the writers just did a great job with the diversion! I LOVE THIS DRAMA!