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  • Reviews - Blood


    This show is one of the worst Kdramas I've seen in the past 10 years!! The acting, if you can call it that, was horrendous and there was no development in the characters throughout the drama. It was just bad. Moreover, the plot was nonsensical and the writing was poorly done! I regret wasting my precious time watching this ridiculous drama and I would love to advice those who have not watched it yet to run away as fast as you can!!! And if possible try to not watch anything with Ku Hye Sun in it!! Her facial expressions and "emotions" are exactly the same in all her works..... There has been absolutely no improvement in her so-called acting during her career.... Even a spoon can have a wider emotional range than her... just saying... If I could give this one 0/10 I would, but since it is not possible I shall give it a 1.

  • Reviews - Switch


    This was a very good show with great acting! It would have been better if the ending wasn't so rushed! I wish the court hearing was long and we would've seen what happened to all the dirty prosecutors. Other than that it was an enjoyable experience. I highly reccomend it.

  • Reviews - Wok of Love


    If you ate looking for a fun drama with a cute loveline then I recommend this one! The actors did a great job and the relationship of the maincharacters was good.