Hi, Everyone!

I'm a certified Asian drama-addict, (I suppose, like many of you!!!)
I love them all!

I'm Italian but I'm a Chinese-English languages teacher.

I'm pretty used to translation work, and I really enjoy doing it.

I can translate from Chinese/English/Italian and vice versa. I also studied Korean, so if you need my help, please contact me and I'll be really delighted to lend a helping hand.

Of course, I will also appreciate even if you only want to share opinions about anything drama-related.

My first projects:
 Personal Taste - 개인의 취향 as Italian Moderator and subber (completed)

That Love Comes 欢迎爱光临 (completed)
Marry me, Mary! 매리는 외박중
                         Secret Garden 시크릿 가든 (completed)
                    Playful Kiss &Special Youtube Version 장난스런 키스 (completed)
Itazura na Kiss - イタズラなKiss
                              Love Buffet -愛似百 as Italian subber (completed)
Paradise Ranch 라다이 목장
as Italian subber (completed)
Dream High 드림하이
as Italian subber (completed)f
City Hunter 시티헌터
as Italian Moderator and Subber (extremely addictive!!!) completed

                       Sunshine Angel 陽光天使 as Italian Moderator and subber 


Scent of a Woman 여인의향기

as Italian subber (completed)


    Protect the Boss 보스를 지켜 as Italian subber (completed)

In Time With You 我可能不会爱你
as Italian subber (completed)
Me Too, Flower! 나도, 꽃 as Italian subber (completed)

Extravagant Challenge 華麗的挑戰 as Italian Moderator and subber (completed)
To the Beautiful You 아름다운 그대에게
(Hana Kimi Korean Version) as Italian Moderator and subber (completed)
Faith 신의 as Italian Moderator and Subber (completed)
                                  I Miss You 보고싶다 as Italian subber (completed)
               Cheongdam-dong Alice청담동 앨리스 as Italian Moderator and subber (completed)
               Who are you 후아유 as Italian subber
      The Heirs 상속자들 - 왕관을 쓰려는 자, 그 무게를 견뎌라 as Italian Moderator and subber

 You're Beautiful (Taiwanese Version) 原來男 as Italian subber (waiting for license)





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