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 Hello guys! Sorry for not answering all your Pms. Now that I'm back to Viki I'll be so happy to help with your projects qnd to have you join my projects too. So please feel free to Pm 


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My Name is Lilia

"My friends call me Lola "


Lilia is the plural of the Latin 'lilium', meaning "lily".

Lilia is also a Hebrew name which literally means "to me, to god" ..." whatever I own belongs to God also"

I'm 25.....Addicted to Asian Dramas...
.. I studied translation and interpreting

(English , French and Arabic)

I'm a pure Inspirit, love my Infinite boys more than anything else

 I'm also  huge fan of BTS, EXO, Bigbang, VIXX, BTOB, and many others


Daddy even If you no longer in this world , you gonna always be my first love and my hero 

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My hubbies



* Sungyeol*




 V- Kim Taehyun

Park chanyeol 





*Lee gi kwang*


*Kim so Hyun*





Channel Manager Of :

Shine or go crazy ( Channel Manager) / Finished

 Warm and Cozy ( Channel Manager) / Finished

Persevere, Goo Hae Ra ( Channel Manager) / Finished


Dr.Frost  ( Channel Manager) / Finished

The Apple in your eye (channel manager) / Finished

A Word From Warm Heart  (channel manager)/ Finished

Beyond the Clouds (channel manager)/ Finished

Gunman in Joseon (channel manager)/ Finished

God's Gift - 14 Days  (channel manager)/ Finished

Cunning Single Lady (channel manager)/ Finished

The Woman Who Married Three Times (channel manager)/ Finished

Mandate of Heaven: The Fugitive of Joseon (channel manager)/ Finished

Miss change (channel manager)/ Finished



Running Man (channel manager) Currently airing

A Secret To Voices ( Channel Manager) Coming Soon

Sweet City( Channel Manager) Coming Soon




Master's Sun ( channel manager ) Finished

Two weeks ( channel manager ) Finished

Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love (channel manager) /Finished

Beautiful Man ( channel manager) finished

Five fingers ( Channel manager )/Finished

Queen Of Ambition ( Channel Manager )/ Finished


Sora Jung (Channel Manager)

Lee Sang Yeob ( Channel Manager)

Lee Gun Joon ( Channel Manager)

Maher Zain (Channel manager/ Uploader/ Segmenter /
English ,French and Arabic subber)

Some Of My Current and Upcoming Projects

The Day After We Broke  (English Mod) 

K.will (Moderator/ Segmenter)

SHINee (Arabic Moderator)

Beast (Arabic Moderator)

Infinite (Arabic Moderator)

B1A4 (Arabic Moderator)

Teen Top (Arabic Moderator)

Kim Sung Gyu (Arabic Moderator)

Big Bang ( Arabic Moderator)

EXO ( Arabic Moderator)

BTS  ( Arabic Moderator)


Hi School : Love On (English Mod) 

Fool’s Love (English Mod) 

Nice guy ( French mod)

Heirs ( English Moderator)

Monstar ( English Editor)

Dream High Arabic (Arabic Moderator/subber)

Take Care Of Us Caprain (Arabic moderator)

The Empress (Arabic moderator/subber/editor)

Poseidon Arabic (moderator/subber/editor)

Glory Jane (Subber)

Emerald on the roof (French subber)

The musical (Arabic moderator/editor)

Full House 2 (Arabic mod)

Secret Love Affaire (English Mod) finished

Doctors:The ultimate surgeon (English Mod /English Editor)//finished

The future choice (English Mod/English Editor)finished

Three Days ( English Mod)/ finished

Reply me 1994 ( English Mod)/ finished

Nine: 9 Nine Time Travel (English Mod)/finished

Ancient Medical Book (English mod)/finished

Secret Agent War (Arabic mod)/finished


I love Tokyo Legend-kawaii Detective

( English Editor)/ On hold

King of dramas (Arabic Mod)/ On hold

i miss you (Arabic mod)/ On Hold

and others 

If you would like to reach me for any reason : PM me , write a comment below

or contact me on:









<< Tu trouveras, dans la joie ou dans la peine,

ma triste main pour soutenir la tienne,

mon triste coeur pour ecouter le tien . >>

Alfred de Musset

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