My name is Szandra. a I´m a 32-year-old hungarian girl from Germany.

If you need any help with subbing or moderating  to Hungarian or German or segmenting tell me right away, I would help with pleasure with my lot of experience.

I started partially reversed, because a lot of my friends, who I offered the Viki is, they are not going to see the series here, in Viki, because very much series is incomplete, or no label at all, and often they have to wait a very long time to complete in our languages. I want to bring joy for these people, and a lot of other ones.

Have a nice day!


Channel Manager:

Detective SweetDetective Sweet                                Future Mr. Right​  Mr. Future Right    

 Romance BlueRomance Blue                                  KO ONE RetaskKO One Retask       

The Story of Science Museum The Story of Science Museum         ShalenShalen
The Magic Bowl The Magic Bowl                                Elite Brigade IIElite Brigade II.
Elite Brigade F.S.D.Elite Brigade F.S.D.                          Gambler Gambler
The New World The New World                                 Love Frequency 37.2 Love Frequency 37,2
Sonic Youth Sonic Youth




Mirror of the Witch Mirror of the Wich                                           WW          
Because It's The First Time (Friends 2015)Because It's The First Time                            Vampire DetectiveVampire Detective
Scarlet Heart: Goryeo                                     White ChristmasWhite Christmas
Rock'And'Road                                               Who are you: School 2015
Mask Mask                                                               Angry MomAngry Mom
The LoverThe Lover                                                       I Remember YouI Remember You
My Unfortunate BoyfriendMy Unfortunate Boyfriend                             Warm and CozyWarm and Cozy
Scholar Who Walks The NightScholar Who Walks The Night                      Dr. FrostDr. Frost
The King's FaceThe King's Face                                            Shine or Go CrazyShine or Go Crazy
PinocchioPinocchio                                                      Birth of a BeautyBirth of Beauty
Liar Game Liar Game                                                     Modern FarmerModern Farmer
Boarding House 24Boarding House 24                                       Stars Falling From the SkyStars Falling From the Skys
Secret DoorSecret Door                                                  Pride and PrejudicePride and Prejudice
Worlds WithinWorlds Within                                                The Great SeerThe Great Seer
King of DramasKing of Dramas                                             School 2013School 2013
Secret Love AffairSecret Love Affair                                         Plus Nine Boys Plus Nine Boys
The Three MusketeersThe Three Musketeers                                 Discovery of LoveDiscovery of Love
Surplus PrincessSurplus Princess                                          Marriage, Not DatingMarriage Not Dating
She's So LovableShe is So Lovable                                        Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation TeamGrandpas over Flowers 




My Secret HotelMy Secret Hotel                                            Fated to Love YouFated to Love You

Jang Bo Ri Is HereJang Bo Ri is here!








Thanks for all of my NSSA Segmenting Senseis:

Level 1 English Sensei: MrsDearTV

Level 2 Spanish Sensei: pilar_velasquez

Level 3 Taiwanese Sensei: bjohnsonwong

Level 4 Korean Sensei: cgwm808

Level 5 Russian Sensei: Serenite78

Thanks for my  NSSA Korean Specialization Sensei: cgwm808



Thanks for my  NSSA Master: Amypun















MENTOR/TUTOR ID: Yolswels091


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