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Japanese-English Subber

94 Episodes complete in English subtitles.


This program introduce Japanese singers and music groups, behind the scenes and backstages and more.

Railway Story Japanese Moderator 4 Episodes (Japanese subtitles in progress) Tohoku region the northern part of the main land in Japan, suffered 9.0 earthquake on March 11, 2011. The train ride introduces the beautiful seceries of nothern Japan, along with restration progress after the earthquake.
The Fital Mission Jap-Eng subber/moderator 29 Episode complete in English Chinese drama. In 1942, Chinese government received an intellegence that the Japanese is developing a dangerous biological weapon in Burma.
Anarchist From Colony Jap-Eng Moderator Movie Korean historical drama. The story of Korean anarchist during the Japanese occupation. Starring Lee Je Hoon and Choi Hee Seo.


yesMy Accomplishment!yes


Japanese Drama/Movie/Documentary(日本のドラマ・映画・ドキュメンタリー)

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The Margarine Bank


Japanese-English Subber All 20 episodes complete in English subtitles.

2014 Japanese reality show. That is the premise of an unusual audition process held to form a new Japanese girl idol group. The nationwide search encouraged “women with debts” only to apply to audition for a new idol group. Watch the exciting audition process, the formation of “The Margarines” girl group, and their first performance together.


JIN Final


Japanese Subber/Translation Editor


English Subtitles complete in all 11 episodes 

A modern-day brain surgeon stuck in the Edo Period is tormented by possibly changing the course of history with his actions. Jin Minakata (Takao Osawa) is a brain surgeon who has been living in the Edo Period for the past two years. With the help of Kyotaro Tachibana (Keisuke Koide) and his sister, Saki Tachibana (Haruka Ayase), Jin has been surviving in this strange time period and helping those around him using his knowledge of modern medicine. When Saki’s mother, Ei (Yumi Asou) contracts the disease beriberi (caused by a vitamin B1 deficiency), Jin has a difficult time treating an uncooperative patient. But when Ryoma Sakamoto (Masaaki Uchino) asks Jin to treat a wounded Sakuma Shozan (Masachika Ichimura), an important historical figure, Jin fears changing the course of history with his actions. But will a much more shocking discovery be waiting for Jin when he crosses paths with Sakuma? “Jin Final” is the second season of a Japanese drama series directed by Hirakawa Yuichiro that originally aired in 2011. The first season of this series, called “Jin ,” originally aired in 2009. The series is based on a manga by the same title written by Motoka Murakami.


MOZU Season 2

Phantom wings 

Japanese-Engish Subber

All 5 episodes complete in English

Revenge is a dangerous motivator. A paid assassin known as Mozu (Sosuke Ikematsu) returns to Japan disguised as a North Korean spy to exact his revenge. Naotake Kuraki (Hidetoshi Nishijima), Ryota Osugi (Teruyuki Kagawa) and Misa Akeboshi (Yoko Maki) team up again to try to investigate a political conspiracy to cover up a mass killing at a hospital. But how is the dangerous assassin connected to this case? “MOZU Season 2 - Phantom Wings” is the second season of a Japanese drama series directed by Eiichiro Hasumi that originally aired in 2014. It was preceded by “MOZU Season 1 - Night Cry of the MOZU,” which aired earlier in 2014, and followed by the film “Mozu the Movie,” which was released in 2015. The series is based on the novel “Mozu no Sakebu Yoru” written by Go Osaka.


MOZU - Night Cry of the Nozu

(Season 1)

MOZU- 百舌の叫ぶ夜

Japanese-English subber


10 Episodes complete in English After a dangerous assassin is on the loose, law enforcement officials put their differences aside to catch the dangerous criminal and solve a bombing incident. Police Superintendent Naotake Kuraki (Hidetoshi Nishijima) lost his beloved wife in a terrible bomb explosion in the center of the city. Ryota Osugi (Teruyuki Kagawa) is a top-notch police detective. Misa Akeboshi (Yoko Maki) works for Kuraki as an investigator in the Public Safety Department. Can the three put their differences aside to go after a dangerous contract killer named Mozu (Sosuke Ikematsu), who may be responsible for the bomb attack?
Jin - 仁 Season 1

Japanese-English Subber/Translation Editor


11 episodes complete in English 

A brilliant brain surgeon is tormented in his own time period and then thrust into the past. Jin Minakata (Takao Osawa) is a brain surgeon who has been grieving for the past two years because his fiancée has been in a coma after a surgery that he performed to try to save her. But his life is turned upside down when he accidentally transported back to the Edo Period. 


Rainbow Rose


Japanese- English Subber 12 Episodes

English subtitles complete.

A story of a college student and a boarding house that her family owns. Romantic drama.

Vampire Heaven

(ヴァンパイア ヘブン)

Japanese-English Subber 12 Episodes  All 12 episodes are complete in English subtitles. Two vampire girls came to live in human world after escaping from the Vampire World.

Mysterious Transfer Student


Japanese-English Subber 12 Episodes

All 12 episodes are complete in English subtitles.

I really enjoyed subbing this drama. A story of a transfer student came to the high school. He has a myterious background. Slowly, everyone start to discover who he really is and where he came from.

Blue Fire (アオイホノオ) Japanese - English Subber 11 Episodes

All 11 espisodes are complete in English subtitles.

Story of a college student aiming to become a manga artist.

Galileo Japanese - English Subber 9 Episodes All 9 episodes complete in English Subtitles

Clinic on the Sea Japanese- English Subber 11 Episodes Romantic medical drama. Kota-sensei who came to work on a medical ship that goes around the islands where people don't have access to a doctor. Dr. Kota falls in love with a person at every island he stops by. 
Love Story from Fukuoka Japanese - English Subber  11 Episode A fictional love story based on a true story.
Dear Sister Japanese - English Subber 10 Episodes The story of sisters. One struggles with illness, while she tries to make her older sister happy.


 Japanese - English Subber / Translation Editor 10 Episodes The story of a girl who love to eat cake and struggles with her weight.
Last Cinderella Japanese - English Subber 11 Episodes I love this story. Probably this is my one of the favorite Japanese drama. Very cute.
The Hours of My Life Japanese - English Subber / Translation Editor 11 Episodes Story of an ALS patient. Sad but good story.
Pleiades Japanese - English Subber / Translation Editor  25 Episodes Chinese historical drama. Japanese dubbed version.
Renegade Japanese - English Subber / Translation Editor 17 Episodes Drama based on video game 'Hot Blood Tough Guy, Kunio-kun"
Second to Last Love 2   Japanese - English Subber 11 Episodes Staring - Koizumi Kyoko, Nakai Kiichi
 Koinaka  Japanese-English Subber / Translation Editor 9 Episodes Very cute love story. I loved it!
HEAT Japanese-English Subber / Translation Editor 9 Episodes Staring Akira (EXILE)
Doctor X 2014 Japanese - English Subber / Channel Manager 11 Episodes Great drama. The 3rd series. 
NOUHIME: Wife of a Samurai Japanese -  English Subber / Transalation Editor / Channel Manager Movie  
 I love Tokyo Legend - Kawaii Detective Japanese -  English Subber / Translation Editor / Channel Manager 7 Episodes  
The Last Revenge Japanese -  English Subber / Translation Editor / Channel Manager Movie  
Doctors' Affairs  Japanese-English Subber 11 Episodes  
Peak: The Rescuers Japanese - English Subber / Channel Manager Movie  

Asuka High School March! Japanese - English Subber / Translation Editor / Channel Manager 9 Episodes  
Jiu - Special Investigation Team Japanese - English Subber / Translation Editor / Channel Manager 9 Episodes  
Doctor X 2013 Japanese-English Subber / Channel Manager 9 Episodes Amazing drama! Michiko (played by Kadokura Ryoko) is probably my favorite charactor of all. Second series.
Ghostwriter  Japanese - English Subber / Translation Editor / CM  10 Episodes  
3am Dangrous Zone - Manga version  Japanese - English Subber / Translation Editor 15 Episoes I think the lisence has expired on this manga. Too bad. I really loved the story. I think there is a live-action version.
Mischievous Kiss 2 ~ Love in Tokyo Japanese - English Subber 17 Episoes Second season of Ita-kiss.
High School Drive Japanese-English Subber / Translation Editor 10 Episodes  
How to Marry a 40ish Woman in 90 days Japanese - Enlighs Subber / Tranlation Editor Movie  
The first step - Yuki Furukawa in Shanhai  Japanese-English Subber  Documentary  
Space Brothers Japanese-English Subber Movie

Story of two brothers becoming astronauts. Good movie. Love the actors, especially Oguri Shun.

Love Swing Japanese-English Subber Movie  
I am GHOST Japanese-English Subber Movie

I couldn't fine this movie anywhere on Viki. Sorry, the license must has been expired. Starring So Ji Sub.

Hero 2 Japanese-English Subber /Translation Editor / English Moderator 11 Episodes I really loved this drama. It's funny and quick-witted. All the charactors are well played by amazing actors. 
Tokyo Makeup Girl's TV Jap-Eng Subber & Editor/ English Moderator 2 Episodes Documentary. Introducing shops in Japan.




Korean Drama/Movie/Varaety Show(韓国のドラマ・映画・バラエティー)

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Tong: Memories


Japanese Subber/Moderator


All 12 episodes subtitles in English英語字幕(全12話)



High Sociaety (上流会社)

Japanese Subber / Moderator


16 Episodes


裕福な家庭に生まれたユナ(Uee・アフタースクール)が一般庶民であるジュンギ(ソンジュン)に恋をするお話し。階級の違う二人はその違いを乗り越え、 家族の反対を押し切って結ばれる事ができるのでしょうか?ユナとジュンギのお友達ジイとチャンス(パク ヒョンシク・ZE:A)の恋も見ものです。
A Werewolf Boy(私のオオカミ少年) Japanese Subber / Moderator



Sad but really good story.  Staring Song Joong Ki

題名の通り狼少年のお話し。悲しいけど いいお話しです。 主演:ソン・ジュンギ

We Got Married Global Edition Season 2  (私たち結婚しました 国際カップル)

Japanese Subber 15 Episodes (15話)

Starring - Kim Heechul, Puff Guo, Key(SHINee), Yagi Arisa

Hyde Jekyll, Me (ハイド ジキル 私) Japanese Subber

 20 Episodes


 I think this drama has been deleted due to the copywrite.


Kill Me, Heal Me (キルミー ヒールミー)  Japanese Subber  20 Episodes

Amazing drama! Love it! Hands down to Ji Sung's acting skills.



 Pinocchio ( ピノキオ) Japanese Subber 20 Episodes ピノキオ症候群という噓をつけない(架空)疾患を患うシネ(パク・シネ)がニュースキャスターを目指すラブストーリー。シネが恋をよせる青年ダルポ(イ・ジョンソク)との恋の行方は・・・?

Birth of a Beauty(美女の誕生) Japanese Subber 21 Episodes Very cute story. Loved Kim Tea Hee's role.
 Triangle(トライアングル)  Japanese Subber 26 Episodes

Story of three brother who separated in young age. Starring Kim Jea Joong. 


 Trot Lovers(トロットの恋人)  Japanese Subber  16 Episodes トロット(演歌)歌手を目指す新人歌手(チョン・ウンジ/Apink)のラブコメディー。


Inspiring Generation/


 Japanese Subber/Moderator 24 Episodes  
 Secret Love Affiar - 密会  Japanese Subber / Moderator 16 Episodes 貧しい天才ピアニストが先生に恋するお話し。でも先生は既婚者。主演:ユ・アイン、キム・ヒエ

God's Quiz Season 4/神のクイズ4   Japanese Subber 12 Episodes  
Golden Rainbow - 黄金の虹 Japanese Subber 41 Episodes This was my first subtitle ever!!  


 Taiwanese Drama(台湾のドラマ)    

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The Starry Nigh, The Starry Sea


(輝く星空 輝く海)





沈螺(郭碧婷)は仕事が上手くいかず、都会から幼い頃お爺ちゃんと住んでいた小さな島に移り住む。そこで幼馴染の周不闻/大头(隋咏良)と江易盛( 黄鸣)と再会する。人魚の王である吴居蓝/レグラス(冯绍峰)は150年前に奪われた生命を維持する聖なる真珠を探し出す為、沈螺が住む家へと近づこうとする。


***Love This Drama***


 Prince of Wolf


Japanese subber/moderator


18 Episodes complete in Japanese

全18話 日本語字幕完了

幼い時 キャンプに行った狼山で置き去りにされ 家族と離れ離れになってしまう杜澤明(張軒睿)。狼の夫婦に育てられ青年へと成長する。狼の聖地の写真を撮りに来た田蜜蜜(安心亞)を助け二人の関係が始まる。


 Just You(王子とおとせ) Japanese Subber

21 Episodes


Romantic comedy. Starring Aaron Yan and Puff Guo 主演:アーロン・イェン、パフ・クオ(Dream Grials)

 Fall in love with me(恋におちて!俺xオレ)  Japanese Subber

20 Episodes


Romantic comedy. Starring Aaron Yan.