Hi !! wink

I'm Tamara :D

I'm currently learning French, English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Sign Languages (Eng/Fr/Jap/Ko)..:D

I am essentially living by going everywhere I can and making experiences from everyday ^^' Actually, as I lived in different countries, I do have a little of each cultures in my way to do and talk. I try to understand and to adapt each situation as well.

I ever lived in France, USA, England, Japan, and Korea. For now, I live in France once again in an area called 'Loire-Atlantique' ^^'

I love dramas! I love Viki! And love this life! xD heartyes


*sorry for this pathetic profile page presentation. I will make it better, so please wait a little more to have a better presentation on my profile :P*

I really have to do something better on my profile and to spend some time on it, but I am quite lasy about it lol. Sorry ^^'


☆ ☆ ☆ Welcome to my Profile ☆ ☆ ☆

Volunteer Projects : 

                             English -> French :

Painted Skin (2011 T.V. Version) = subtitler / help

The Woman Who Married Three Times

Kind Words ; A Word From A Warm Heart = subtitler 

 Inspiring Generation 

Running Man = subtitler / help

Xiaoju's Spring = subtitler 

Mimi = subtitler

Khun Chai Puttipat = subtitler

 Full Sun ; Beyond the Clouds 

♦ Birth of a beauty = subtitler

♦ Nodame Cantabile = subtitler and edition help

YooNa's Street = edition

► i.a. ;)


Currently :

- Drinking Solo : sub

- Joan Keem : sub


So≈... Have a good time, and big thanks to VIKI members :))



PS: Thank you for your visit on my profile ;)