First.. Hi, I'm Danish.. (to those who doesn't know: The country is Denmark, witch is probably the smallest country in the middle of the map: 

If it helps... Copenhagen, Hans Christian Andersen,) If you already new then just ignore it;)


I came to love K-drama's("Boys over Flowers" was the first) and started to feel like learning the language. Then I got a Japanese friend who doesn't remember how to speak Japanese any longer and so wanted to learn it again...

she introduced me to J-anime and i loved them! I started to look in to Japanese and found it to be very interesting!


And so, I am learning Japanese. I now have 19 apps to help me in some way with Japanese, I have learned Kana(Hiragana+Katakana) and just began learning the Kanji:)


I loved the idea of subtiteling yourself when I saw it here!

The fact is that I have two diagnoses: ADD & Asperger witch gives me some disadvantages but actually also gives me some advantages... I have trouble getting things done, when I'm not in the correct mood... but one's I get started I can't stop again, I even skip meals:/ I tried to subtitle from English to Danish and loved it! It's so much fun translating! And I hope I can one day translate Japanese:D


In case you would like to now more about me... check out my website: ..Here you can also find my artwork.