Hello everyone! 
I'm Thainá, from Brazil and an English-Portuguese translator.
These are the dramas I'm currently working on:

       ● East Of Eden 
       ● Think Before You Marry
       ● Be With You 
       ● Youth Power
       ● A Song For You - Season 4
       ● Love at Seventeen
       ● Love Cuisine
       ● Swimming Battle
       ● My Beloved Sister
       ● When A Snail Falls In Love
       ● Shuttle Love Millennium
       ● Stay With Me

Finished dramas:
       ● Padam Padam       
       ● Innocent Lilies 2
       ● Cruel Romance 
       ● Warm & Cozy
       ● Masked Prosecutor
       ● My Unfortunate Boyfriend 
       ● My Love Eun Dong
       ● High Society
       ● The Crossing Hero
       ● Assembly
       ● Splendid Politics
       ● Gunman in Joseon
       ● Yong Pal
       ● Boysitter
       ● Mrs. Cop
       ● Angel N' Devil
       ● The Flavor of Love
       ● Oh My Venus
       ● Last
       ● Sweet Spy
       ● Falling For Challenge
       ● Marry Me, or Not?
       ● Six Flying Dragons
       ● Bromance
       ● Heard It Through The Grapevine
       ● I Have a Lover
       ● The Lost Tomb
       ● When I See You Again
       ● You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin
       ● Beautiful Secret
       ● Wanted
       ● Task Force 38

Please, feel free to PM me in case you want me to join your team for some help with the Portuguese subtitles! :D

Thanks for visiting my profile!
See you around :3

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