The founder of ToHealthyWeight is health and wellness coach Amy Johnson.  Amy has helped many individuals move towards a healthier lifestyle.  Putting behind them problems such as obesity, stress, panic attacks and phobias.  A specialist in weight loss and behavioural therapies, Amy uses an eclectic range of techniques to tailor each intervention to the patients needs and learning style.

Unconventional in some respects, Amy's thoughts on exercise and drinking alcohol while losing weight do not match many experts in the field.  However, as Amy says in her healthy weight loss podcasts, if you are forced to do things you hate and give up everything you enjoy, then you're doomed to failure - in whatever venture you attempt.

NLP is a cornerstone of Amy's approach and she has spent many years studying NLP and complementary techniques from luminaries in closely related fields. 

Amy's creativity lies in therapy and frustratingly for her, she's not a great artist. Her talks are frustratingly not as well illustrated as she would like. To watch one of her talks click here.

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