New update Clash Arena Royale with a new, legendary cards and tournaments

Clash Royale was the revelation of Supercell game this year 2016, with over 50 million downloads and 4 million reviews to date. Gradually, Clash Royale legendry cards has evolved adding small features, until today, where it is one of its biggest updates .

Indeed, Clash Royale yesterday asked us if we wanted to upgrade compulsorily continue playing the game, a necessary measure to implement all the new features ranging from swings troops, tournaments, a new arena and up to 4 new cards .

Clash tournaments Royale: All information

One of the massive new in this update are tournaments , a feature that bears some resemblance to the wars of clans Clash of Clans. Here, but struggles against nearby players.

Indeed, Clash Royale search by your location tournaments between different players in which the winner takes home a number of chests tournament , where there are more cards (legendary maybe?) Than ever.

Swings troops in Clash Royale

One of the measures for Clash Royale remains what are the swings of troops , ie, small changes in the skills and characteristics that suffer some letters.

This time, the army of skeletons increases his troops, a barrel of goblins costs only 3 of elixir, the giant skeleton, bomber, the inferno tower, the tomb of skeletons, the dark prince and tower pump increase in damage and the magician picks up speed .

New Clash Card Royale

The announcement of a new arena was clear that new cards were about to fall , and indeed, we welcome Clash Royale to Bowler, the spirits of ice and the woodcutter and trunk, which belong to the desired category of legendary cards.

Arena 8: Peak Ice Cream Royale Clash

Supercell has decided to solve the problem of "overpopulation" of Arena 7 with a new arena that increases in a step the way to the Arena Legend: Pico Ice cream , sand becomes number 8 while the legendary becomes the number 9.

This, known for its ice cream finishes with a river in which are falling chunks of ice and where not to snowing. Consequently, this unlocks the spirits of ice, the woodcutter and the Bowler . Remember that you can download Clash Royale totally free store in Google: