Hi everyone! 

Welcome to my page! My name is Vivian. I live in a small European country called the Netherlands a.k.a. Holland, where we speak the Dutch language. But since we learn English from a young age, it became my second language. I was born from Chinese parents, so I've managed to learn myself understand and speak Mandarin Chinese fluently as well ^^

I've been into Asian dramas since 2006-2007 and that is how I mainly learned Chinese. My interest for dramas soon became like a small addiction, but I have no regrets xD And here I am, giving my best effort to help other drama fans to understand these wonderful projects. Not only does subbing give a huge satisfaction, I've also met some amazing people along the way. ^^

I hope to see you around!


Current projects: (updated May 6, 2018)
Former projects:
Memory Love - ENG sub
Prince of Wolf - ENG sub
Heirs From Another Star - ENG sub
Refresh Man - ENG sub
Back to 1989 - ENG sub
Be With Me - Channel Manager / ENG sub
Bromance - Channel Manager / ENG sub
The Legend of Qin - ENG sub
Love Cuisine - ENG sub
I Am Sorry, I Love You - ENG sub
When I See You Again - ENG sub
Fall In Love With Me - DUTCH sub