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  • Reviews - I Am Not a Robot


    Great story, but both the lead actors aren’t that great. The two lead actors are both very cringeworthy. The male just didn’t fit the role. The ex boy-friend is too old for the female lead. Like seriously? Why use an actor that didn’t even match the young female lead as an ex-boyfriend to begin with. He looks like her Dad. Sorry, I’m writing my honest opinion and if people don’t like it, there is nothing I can say about that. They are great actors in their own merit. But other actors could have done a way better job at it. Joo Woon with Shim Eun Kyung would have done a better job. Park Bo Gum with Kim Yoo Jung would have done a better job. The two lead here needs more practice. Their facial expressions and the sound of their voice can be so annoying. Story is fun, but not the two lead actors.

  • vvn3


    Uee needs more workshops to practice her acting, but otherwise a cute drama. Yes as a viewer I have a right to stated my opinion about Uee’s acting. Sorry she has not improved at all. She has been in many drama’s, but they are lacking because of her acting. She is young and hope that her acting experience will eventually make her improve. Her voice is annoying and her acting is annoying. All the other actors are great. Why does it have poor rating? Well.... Like I said, Uee is annoying and the script written for her just made it even worse. Uee’s manager really need to pick better written roles to match her. Uee should have roles that match her looks. She looks bitchy! So she should have strong roles like Yoo In-young style. She should have roles with less whining and less complaining. It does not match her. Not to mention, she always looks malnourished. What’s going on? Despite of all my complaints about Uee’s acting, I think she has potential, but she has not improved. If only her manager pick a better drama with a good script for her to make her bloom.

  • Reviews - Discovery of Love


    I loved it! I watched this kdrama for the 4th time.