Will be inactive until 27/01/2018 due to school work!

Welcome to my profile!

My name is Weronika.
I'm native Polish subtitler, moderator and channel manager living in UK and particularly interested in Japanese culture, history and art.

[ If you are interested in working with me, go ahead and message me. ]

I offer:
- Help with translation of subtitles from English to Polish,
- Correct any mistakes made in translation in my native language,
- Organise the Polish translation teams to successfully complete the subtitles (Moderator),
- Recruit translation and segmenting teams on my channel (Manager)



My Projects

Channel Manager: 5
Moderator: 5
Subtitler: 3

  • -   Nogizaka46 Meets Asia! (Singapore Version) (Japan) - Channel Manager
  • -   Murakami Grand Festival 2016 (Japan) - Channel Manager
  • -   Tohai I (Japan) - Channel Manager
  • -   Tohai II (Japan) - Channel Manager
  • -   The Will To Majesty (China) - Channel Manager [drama is not broadcasted yet]
  • -   The Last Revenge (Japan) - Moderator
  • -   Jin Final (Japan) - Moderator
  • -   Yamagata: In Search of Another Japan (Japan) - Moderator
  • -   Let's Explore Fukushima! (Japan) - Moderator
  • -   My Dear Boy (Taiwan) - Moderator
  • -   Visiting Sacred Places of the Tohoku Region (Japan) - Subtitler
  • -   Fist of Glory (China) - Subtitler
  • -   Stay With Me (China) - Subtitler

    For my teams:
    -   Respect is the key thing that would allow you to communicate effectively with each other, while getting on well - there is no need to be rude. (Any problems that can't be solved in the teams should be reported to me and I will try to help with an issue)
    -   Any absences should be also reported to me through message - it will make it easier for me to know whether you still want to be part of a channel or you just simply want to stop.
    -   When it comes to short dramas or short films (under 45 minutes) I do not take more than 2 Subtitlers per language for organisational purposes.
    -   In every channel I manage, no matter if you are a Moderator or a Subtitler, your committment and hard work are going to be rewarded.

    For Subtitlers:
    -    For help with problems related to translation you should ask from your Language Moderators.
    -    Do not translate from Google Translate or any other website / app of this type - most of the time, they are not accurate. (However, I do not expect you to know every single word in both languages - if you face this issue, you should check dictionary, or translate the not known word and then check if it matches to the context - if you are not sure, ask your Moderator).

    For Moderators:
    -   Do not 'blacklist' community members.
    -   Do not discourage members from participating on channels.
    -   If there is two or more subtitlers working on an channel, try to create a plan which would consist of which subtitler is responsible to translate different part of a channel (can be done by episodes, or by parts in episodes).
    -   Try to help Subtitlers if they face a translation problems.
    -   Try to go over translations of Subtitlers regularly to then correct any mistakes made.
    -   Once subtitles are finished and checked, lock them and let me know about that, please.

  • Thank you!
    I hope you will have a nice day!