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Come and Join Us at PADEPOKAN ANAK NEGERI (Indonesian Subtitling Community) !!

Join us if:

- You are new to viki and want to learn how to make a good subtitles.

- You want to translate from english/chinese/korean to indonesian, but do not know how to do it.

- You are tired of working alone and want to try working in a great team.

- You want to have many friends with similar interests at viki.


Encourage yourself and join us!!! 

Padepokan Anak Negeri (PAN) is dedicated to passionate Indonesian subbers at Viki. The group was created to bring together all Indonesian subbers, editors and moderators on Viki in order to share experiences and increase the number and quality of Indonesian translations. Viki's Indonesian community is pretty significant as a whole, but there are very few translators - and even fewer who are currently active. Many first timers sign up excitedly and are “eager to work”, but get discouraged along the way. PAN gives new users the chance to see what it really means to be part of a project and a team, to mantain a level of responsibility, to know what it really means to translate - and to do a good job at it, not just because of boredom or because of a need to improve one's english skill.













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