Hello Viki friends!
I'm a Korean - English subber / translation editor.

My previous proejcts were:

The Legend of the Blue Sea (Kor- Eng Subber, Translation Editor)

The Legend of the Blue Sea Poster


Descendants of the Sun (Translation Editor)

Descendants of the Sun Poster


Reply 1988 (Translation Editor)

Reply 1988 Poster


Angry Mom (Kor-Eng Subber, Translation Editor)

Angry Mom Poster


Surplus Princess (Translatoin Editor)

Surplus Princess Poster


You Are All Surrounded (Kor-Eng Subber, Translation Editor)

You Are All Surrounded Poster


Miss Korea (Kor-Eng Subber)

Miss Korea Poster


Reply 1994 (Kor-Eng Subber)

Reply 1994 Poster


Medical Top Team (Kor-Eng Subber, Translation Editor)

Medical Top Team Poster


All About My Romance (Kor-Eng Subber)

All About My Romance Poster

Flower Boy Next Door (Kor-Eng Subber)

Flower Boy Next Door Poster

Chengdam-dong Alice (Kor-Eng Subber)

Chengdam-dong Alice Poster

The Third Hospital (Kor-Eng Subber)

The Third Hospital Poster

Golden Time (Kor-Eng Subber)

Golden Time Poster