Hi everyone and welcome to my Profile!

I'm an English-Dutch Subber from Belgium 
I can be a Subber, Moderator and also a Co-Moderator,
so if you have any projects you need help with,
message me and I'll see if I have time to contribute ^^

Current Projects:

Queen for Seven Days (Co-Moderator)

While You Were Sleeping

20th Century Boy and Girl

My Mr. Mermaid


Go Back Couple

Because This is My First Life

Future Projects (To Be Aired):

Jade Lover (Co-Moderator) My Sassy Girl (Co-Moderator) Last Minute Romance 
Mermaid's Prince (Moderator)

The King (Moderator)


Finished Projects:

Pride and Prejudice Koutetsu Sangokushi Marriage Contract (Co-Moderator) When I See You Again The First Step - Yuki Furukawa In Shangai (Moderator) My Boss, My Hero (Moderator)
Rosy Lovers Marriage, Not Dating Hotel King Back To 1989 Twenty Again (Co-Moderator) Aşk Yeniden (Moderator)
Falling For Innocence The Lover 15 Years Of Waiting For Migratory Birds (Co-Moderator) Refresh Man King of High School I Am Sorry, I Love You
Orange Marmelade My Unfortunate Boyfriend The Lost Tomb Mirror of the Witch (Co-Moderator) A Witch's Romance Because It's The First Time
Yong Pal Join Us Korea (Moderator) Fool's Love Jackpot (Co-Moderator) Falling for Challenge My Amazing Boyfriend
Scholar Who Walks The Night The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law (Co-Moderator) Madame Antoine Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Shopping King Louis Beautiful Mind
W Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Bring It On, Ghost! Hwarang (Co-Moderator) Suspicious Partner
My Grilfriend's Boyfriend